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John Smith
Data Scientist, USA
Cloud-Ready Data
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Data Governance

What to expect at Data Citizens ‘22 with Chief Product Officer Laura Sellers

I’m looking forward to a fantastic Data Citizens ‘22 in November where we will be unveiling the very latest in Collibra technology as we continue to build the best Data Intelligence cloud in the industry.

Data Citizens is our biggest event of the year, and we will be bringing together the brightest minds in data from around the world. I’ll be on the mainstage with our CEO and founder Felix Van de Maele as we give you the first look at a wave of new product innovations created specifically for a great user experience, quick adoption and scale. 

I’m proud of our hard-working teams and excited to showcase what they have been designing for you to drive better experiences across the platform for all data users. They have been priming the innovation engine to deliver the capabilities you have asked for, making it easier than ever for your users to find, understand, trust and access your data.

What to expect

We’ll be gathering for three days Nov 1-3 in San Diego for our biggest update in years. And along with the first look at our latest products, we will also be doing deep dives created especially for you, whether you are a data citizen at the executive level, a data steward, business analyst, engineer or stakeholder. We want you to really experience how these innovations can supercharge your own innovation.

We’ll have hands-on labs, the latest insights, peer use cases and lots of unique networking opportunities. I’m looking forward to seeing and speaking to you in person about your experiences and the solutions we are delivering so that you can get more value from your data across your organization. 

It’s all about the user

We know you are working hard to drive adoption and make data available enterprise wide. Expect user experience enhancements along with new features to help everyone in your organization engage with data in a meaningful way and make better decisions. Data should be available for all business users — and they don’t have to be Collibra experts. 

As we evolve Data Intelligence, we’re doing it at scale, enterprise wide with security and agility.

It starts with the platform

What really makes us the leader in the market when it comes to Data Intelligence is that we are a united platform — a single system of engagement for data. That means flexible governance, built-in privacy, and continuous quality. The whole really is greater than any one of the parts. You can start small, tackle a very specific data challenge, and grow with your business needs. And if you are an enterprise customer, you have a robust, flexible platform to meet your many needs.

Our new features are about accelerating your time to value, providing the right tools to build and collaborate on workflows. 

One of the most critical elements of Data Intelligence is the ability to understand the usage of your platform. We want you to be able to do that right out of the box so that you will have immediate access to usage information. You will see the full capabilities at Data Citizens! 

Integrations and ingestion

We’re also making it as easy as possible to ingest data into the system. We’re investing not only in the depth of integrations but also in the breadth. Integrations really are a unique differentiator for Collibra and the goal is to make integrations feel seamless, so we’re making it easier for our customers and our partners to build their own integrations. 

Many of our partners will join us at DC’22 and we’re looking forward to welcoming Snowflake, Google Cloud, Infosys and many more.

So many new innovations await — and I can’t wait to personally give you a glimpse of what lies ahead and show you why Collibra will be the category leader for years to come. See you in San Diego!

Want to hear more about our product from Laura?

Register for Data Citizens!

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