Understanding Data Privacy through the lens of the Collibra Team

January 28th was Data Privacy Day. As mentioned in our Q&A with the International Association of Privacy Professionals, it’s estimated that by 2025, 463 exabytes of data will be created every day, globally, which is equivalent to 212,765,957 DVDs every 24 hours. What’s even more interesting, and perhaps mind-boggling, is that in the year 2020 there will be 40x more bytes than there are stars in the observable universe.

With all of the existing data, and the copious amounts of data yet to be created, privacy and protection are essential to creating awareness, safety and trust. To celebrate Data Privacy Day, we asked Collibrians across the globe to shed some light on what it’s like to support and defend privacy, regulation and security, as part of the Data Intelligence Company. Here’s their take:

Why is data privacy so important, and how is Collibra making an impact?

“Every industrial revolution has caused an abrupt change in society. The first one not only gave birth to mechanization, but it also resulted in worker’s rights. We’re now living through the fourth industrial revolution, where data is the primary fuel. This time, every person who inherently has a right to privacy has become a Data Citizen. Being right in the middle of this revolution is an exciting challenge because at Collibra we enable organizations to trust and use their data in a respectful way and in return help all Data Citizens remain in control.” — Teresa Rojas, Product Manager, Data Privacy

“We’re now living through the fourth industrial revolution, where data is the primary fuel.”

“Data privacy regulations are garnering more and more attention in the news, and it’s not just hype. As penalties for breaches increase, data-driven companies are getting serious about protecting their data. In the early 2010s, privacy was either a nice-to-have or something to just avoid wherever possible. Now, I can hardly get through a conversation about capabilities or roadmap without going into depth on where data is stored, how it’s anonymized, how it’s processed, how it can be deleted, how much control over all the levers clients have, and on and on. As an everyday technology user, I’m thankful to see companies finally starting to take my data seriously. As a product manager, the increasing focus on privacy, and the constraints that come with it, have led me and my colleagues to come up with some really interesting and innovative solutions to existing problems.” — Ben Moser, Product Manager, Catalog

What advice do you have for organizations that are struggling with balancing compliance and innovation? 

“In a world of accelerated growth of data privacy regulation, it’s a critical time to be compliant but also important to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of moving “offensive” with your data. To turn data into an asset and competitive advantage, you must get data privacy right as part of that or you open yourself up to risk, or maybe worse, miss the opportunities to leverage the power of your organization’s data for all data citizens. As a Strategic Account Manager, it’s exciting to see first hand our ability to impact and help on both sides- offensive and defensive, aligning to the Collibra vision to have Privacy-by-Design, especially as regulatory efforts continue to grow.” — Dan Anderson, Strategic Account Manager 

“There is no doubt that privacy is an important right, especially in today’s economy, and that Data Protection is a key point of focus for companies, governments and individuals. With GDPR and the increasing regulations and frameworks around data privacy, there are growing concerns that regulations will impact the development of innovative products and the modern economy. As a lawyer, I value the importance of privacy rights, but as a Collibrian, I understand the challenges that privacy and innovation face. It’s fulfilling to help organizations understand how to unlock the value of their data with data intelligence, and as a result, they’re able to trust their data, ensure that decisions are in line with privacy principles, and achieve their goals.” — Sergio Rotman, CIPP/E, CIPM, Solution Business Analyst

What efforts is Collibra making to ensure we continue to support Data Privacy for all Data Citizens?

“Collibra is evolving as a Cloud native Data Intelligence company, and our customers are evolving with us. We enable organizations to analyze their operations and workforce to make better decisions for their future, and with the Collibra Privacy and Risk product, we are helping our customers address privacy and risk challenges by adopting Privacy by design.” — Saima Iqbal, Product Manager, Privacy & Risk

“At Collibra, data is at the heart of everything we do, and securing that data is in our DNA. Within the Collibra Security Office, the Governance, Risks and Compliance teams work to embed data security in everything, from security training to client awareness sessions. With our recent FedRAMP Authorization, we’ve officially been recognized by the US Government for meeting some of the most stringent cloud data security requirements. In an ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations, Collibra endeavors to bring the best-on-planet approach to data security.” — Max Anand, Director, Governance, Risk & Compliance 

Building a privacy product only strengthened awareness and respect for data privacy, ultimately infecting Collibra’s DNA”

“Building a privacy product only strengthened awareness and respect for data privacy, ultimately infecting Collibra’s DNA. As we build increasingly sophisticated products, we have established an ethos of accountable innovation and Privacy-by-Design, often discussing the merits of tradeoffs between personalization and privacy in open forums and one on one meetings alike. It’s a pleasure to be at a company that contemplates these issues – balancing the productivity and purpose around data.” — Aurko Joshi, Product Manager, Data Profiling

What’s it like to work for an organization at the forefront of Data Intelligence?

“In a world where data privacy is a key concern for both individuals and businesses worldwide, I am proud to be part of the cutting edge of solutions engineering for a future that is safer for everyone. Without intelligence around data and a path to trustworthy access through Collibra, organizations cannot hope to keep pace with ever changing regulations.” — Adam Blalock, Pre-Sales Engineer 

“In a world where data privacy is a key concern for both individuals and businesses worldwide, I am proud to be part of the cutting edge of solutions engineering for a future that is safer for everyone.”

“Collibra helps organizations be more cognizant about protecting data. After spending my entire career working for technology startups, I’m excited to now be working with a company that is, in fact, changing how our customers function throughout all departments to ensure they comply with the data privacy their customers deserve.” — Charles Mae, Pre-Sales Engineer

“In my career as a security professional and security officer, I’ve learned that understanding the types of data we own and where it’s located is essential to protecting it. You can’t protect what you don’t know about, which is the fundamental concept that brought me to Collibra. Here, I have a direct impact on how our customers understand their data and help in their efforts to protect it.” — Tim Chase, Director of Field Security

As data regulations and privacy laws continue to expand and evolve, we at Collibra know we must embrace and drive change. We’re on a mission to make data meaningful. Join us.

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