Top 3 reasons why you should attend Data Citizens on the Road

Data Citizens is hitting the road! After 2+ years, our flagship user conference is coming back to EMEA. We are bringing together data professionals from all over the world to gain data insights, share best practices, and network (finally in person!). We are hosting conferences in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris. Here are the top three reasons you should join us at Data Citizens on the Road!

Reason 1: Accelerate your data intelligence journey through engaging presentations 

Want to learn more about how to use data in your business? Data Citizens on the Road is the perfect place to learn best practices on implementing a successful data strategy. We are bringing together numerous data leaders from around the world to share their challenges, business initiatives, and positive outcomes. More specifically, data leaders such as Barry Green, author of ‘Data Means Business,’ Rob Oomens, CDO at ASML, and Florentina Peels, Capability Center Lead Data Cataloging at Shell (just to name a few) will share tips and tricks on how to get the most value from your data by orchestrating, managing, and democratizing data across your business landscape. These sessions will cover topics from setting up a data office, to lessons learned on the data journey, to more technical sessions, like data quality best practices. 

Reason 2: Learn about the innovation and vision for Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud 

Data Citizens on the Road is an opportunity to connect with Collibra executives and experts to learn more about our roadmap and the future of the data landscape. Amsterdam kicks off with an opening keynote on delivering data intelligence. This session features Stijn ‘Stan’ Christiaens, Founder & Chief Data Citizen at Collibra, Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer at Collibra, and Bianca Vloon, VP at Collibra. Stijn will kick it off with an overview of the current data landscape. He will discuss the common challenges and pain points that many face and highlight the complexity of this space. Laura will then share how Collibra can help to solve these challenges through a deep dive into our product and our future capabilities. 

Reason 3: Network, network, network! 

Finally, we are able to network in person! After over two years of only chatting over Zoom, we can finally be face-to-face. Data Citizens on the Road is a great opportunity to network with both your peers and Collibra executives. It gives you the opportunity to form connections, discuss best practices, and share challenges. This knowledge is truly priceless when it comes to gaining an even better understanding of data intelligence.

There is still time to join us at Data Citizens on the Road

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