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Thrive at Data Citizens ‘22: The data intelligence conference

Seven years ago, Collibra coined the term Data Citizens and dreamed of bringing our data intelligence community together from all around the world. Today, we now have the world’s most innovative community of data intelligence leaders. Come join us in San Diego Nov. 1-3 and experience the very latest in insights, trends, and cutting-edge training to get you thriving with data across your organization.

Start with data

At Data Citizens ‘22, you’ll have the first look at a wave of new products designed for great user experience and quick adoption. You will also see how leading customers are using these innovations to thrive – and experience them yourself – making it easy for your teams to find, understand and trust the quality of your data. 

Collibra Founder and CEO Felix Van de Maele will unveil our latest products, and he’ll be joined by Chief Product Officer Laura Sellers for a deep dive into demos and innovations. Our goal is to get your data catalog set up quickly and go from zero to catalog within days while gaining visibility into your data landscape with data quality and observability.

Scale across your organization 

Data only works when everyone can work with it, and at Data Citizens ‘22 we will inspire faster, widespread user adoption. It starts with creating a thriving data culture to deliver ROI, and our experts will reveal the building blocks that will get you to value and monetization faster than ever – especially in turbulent economic times. 

You will hear from practitioners from the world’s most innovative companies who will share their success stories – along with tips for the inevitable challenges that we all encounter on the data journey. 

Unlock value

Ultimately, it’s about unlocking the power of data and faster routes to value so you can conquer increasing competition, ever-changing regulations and increasing economic pressures.

At Collibra, we’ve been busy working with our partners and pioneering data intelligence to build the best data intelligence cloud in the industry so you can move at the speed that your business demands and thrive by data. 

Why Data Citizens ‘22?

We’ve built Data Citizens ‘22 for you, regardless of whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. We want you to experience breakthrough solutions and training to be a change agent who drives both your company – and your own career – forward.

You can select your own path with more than 50 deep dives including hands-on labs, skills training, breakout sessions, roadmap insights, circles, a daily expo, and “meet the expert” opportunities.

We’re innovating so you can thrive with data and increase the speed of your own innovation. Join me in sunny San Diego to meet the best minds in data intelligence and deepen the relationships and connections that are essential to success. Can’t wait to see you there!

Join us at Data Citizens '22!

Register today

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