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Standing still is never an option.

That’s what makes our field so exciting. There’s a constant flow of new devices, new apps, new channels, new infrastructures, new capabilities, new markets, new data (of course) and new expectations for that data. Everything is dynamic, everything keeps changing, and just trying to keep up is exhausting but exhilarating. 

For example, you might notice a new look around here. It’s true, we’re changing things. Just like everything else in the data discipline, we’re moving forward at Collibra with broader outreach, more technology capabilities and an expanded concept. 

We call it Data Intelligence. It’s our vision of how data use is evolving — and it involves a natural progression from data management to Data Intelligence.  

As our digital workplace continues to evolve, we believe it will not be only about new technologies. The latest solutions are always exciting, but increasingly, it’s a people and process issue. Data Intelligence is a deeply human characteristic — it succeeds when it drives collaboration throughout the organization. We need to make it easier for people to find the right data, and develop processes that help build on it and collaborate with it. And for that to happen, people must trust the data.  

So here’s our plan: We’ll help business users everywhere — a new generation of Data Citizens — collaborate in ways of their own choosing, formally through workflows or informally through crowdsourcing and other means. We’ll deliver automation that makes it easy for users to scan and ingest large volumes of data, understand lineage and traceability, and more. We’ll accelerate data adoption and use. We’ll help build trust.  

Our goal at Collibra is to become the system of record for your data team.  We know your greatest priority is to build on one platform at the center of your data strategy. Collibra is dedicated to being that platform and helping you transition from data management to Data Intelligence. 

We’re proud of our past and excited about our future. I believe our vision of Data Intelligence driving business transformation is both radical and vital. Take a look at “Data Intelligence: It’s the future, and it’s now,” which succinctly describes where we are and where we’re headed. I hope you’ll give it a read, and give us a call


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