The smartest thing on your holiday wishlist: Data intelligence

The holiday season is in full swing and everyone is wondering what 2023 will bring. Looking ahead to the new year, CIOs and technology leaders everywhere are making their wish lists for their organization. 

While the jury is still out on who’s been naughty or nice, the one thing that’s certain is that many of 2022’s challenges will persist in 2023. The deluge of data will continue from every direction. And it will only be matched by the value the business continues to place on data. 

There will be more widespread regulatory pressures and security concerns, and not just in highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance. 75% of consumers say the way companies handle their data impacts their buying decisions. 

And, because organizations are composed of people, your biggest challenges are often driving enterprise-wide adoption of best practices. When it comes to data, there’s no way that manual processes can ever offer the governance, quality, and scale that automated solutions can provide.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re reflecting on what solution will help check off the most important thing on your wishlist — and it starts with data intelligence.

Why data intelligence should be at the top of your list

To be effective, data needs to be properly managed. Without care, its quality degrades. It can become damaged. It can even be misused.

Your data ecosystem is complex — and it’s evolving all the time. You know you need to be data-driven. But you struggle with creating reliable data that’s discoverable, understood, and trusted. Your organization is siloed.

You lack data governance. And your culture struggles with data literacy. 

Data intelligence isn’t just a nice-to-have for the back-office anymore. Data intelligence has become a critical business asset because data is now a competitive differentiator. 

Maybe future-proofing doesn’t come from a store. Maybe, perhaps, it means a little bit more. If you’re making a wishlist, a list that will help you truly create the kind of enterprise you want, then data intelligence should be at the top of the list.

Top 5 resources to add to your data intelligence holiday wishlist 

We all know data intelligence is important. But it is not easy to achieve overnight. As we go into our holiday break, it is important to start planning your 2023 data strategy. Here are our top 5 resources to help you learn more about data intelligence: 

1. IDC data intelligence index

We commissioned this survey from IDC to learn more about trends and to better understand where organizations are when it comes to data intelligence. We learned that 67% of respondents believe that data intelligence is crucial to making informed business decisions and driving better outcomes. But many still struggle to implement a data-driven culture throughout the organization. Read this whitepaper to learn how data intelligence can drive 3x better business outcomes. 

2. How to become a data quality expert 

Trusted data is fundamental to any data strategy. That is why data quality is a crucial element to any data intelligence platform. However, data quality is new to many organizations and data engineers often struggle to make a business case for a data quality tool. This step-by-step workbook provides a 7 step process to drive data quality adoption and helps stakeholders illustrate the accelerated time to value of a data quality tool like Collibra Data Quality & Observability.  

3. 6 tips to get the most value from your data catalog 

If you are already on the journey to data intelligence, you probably already have a data catalog. But are you using your catalog to its fullest potential? Are you getting the most value from your data catalog or is the data catalog becoming a roadblock for your organization? Jay Militscher, Head of Data and Analytics at Collibra, shares his best practices for successfully implementing a data catalog across your organization.

4. Baking cakes with data governance with Joe Wallace and Ryan Galloway 

We all know that the thought of data governance can be scary. The word governance sounds daunting, complicated, and inefficient. But in reality, a data intelligence strategy is not complete without a robust data governance platform. Joe Wallace of Adobe and Ryan Galloway of Moody’s joined us at Data Citizens ‘22 to share their experiences setting up a data governance foundation. They share their challenges, as well as tips and tricks to overcome them. 

5. Thrive with data with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud 

Although achieving data intelligence is not all about the tool you use, picking the right partner on the journey is crucial. Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud provides an enterprise grade solution that can scale with your organization. Our platform delivers trusted data to more users across more sources and use cases. Hear our leaders talk about Collibra’s vision for data intelligence and our new approach to data. 

Discover more about Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud and check data intelligence off your holiday wishlist.

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