The future for maturing data intelligence organizations is an integrated platform. So why are so many still using point solutions?

To help data professionals understand trends and assess the state of data intelligence across the industry, Collibra recently commissioned a study from IDC.

The 2022 Data Intelligence Index reveals significant insights from a survey of more than 1,200 senior professionals, including:

  • Mature data intelligence is strongly correlated with more successful business outcomes
  • Companies with the highest data intelligence maturity are seeing 3X better outcomes 

(You can read more about data intelligence maturity in our previous blog)

Islands of intelligence

In addition to a correlation between maturity and data intelligence, the Index also makes clear that while the use of data intelligence technology is pervasive, the environment is fragmented and evolving. 

And while the demand for data-driven decision-making is driving investments in data intelligence technology, many organizations have yet to implement a data catalog or data quality solution.

Across all five domains of data intelligence — including security, catalog, quality, privacy, and governance — only security and privacy are widely deployed as a standardized solution. 

Source: 2022 Data Intelligence Index, Figure 3

Mature organizations use an integrated data intelligence platform

In today’s organizations, point solutions abound across business units. Marketing has their solution. Sales another. Finance another. 

But even best-of-breed point solutions deliver limited impact. In fact, using a data intelligent solution to make informed business decisions across the business is the key differentiator between leaders and laggards, according to the 2022 Data Intelligence Index

IDC identified four levels of maturity based on a benchmarking of data intelligence management, data cataloging, data governance, data quality, and data culture across the respondents.

It turns out that organizations at the highest level of data maturity prefer integrated data intelligence platforms, over best-of-breed points solutions. And they prefer it twice as much. These highly mature teams are using platforms that include a combination of data cataloging, governance, quality, and measurement. 

Less mature organizations have a path forward, too. But they’ll need a data intelligence platform that enables them to start small and scale, such as the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Companies with the highest data intelligence maturity will increasingly turn to integrated data intelligence platforms, according to IDC. As data intelligence technology matures, it will become more unified, more comprehensive, and even more intelligent. 

Data intelligence drives greater operational efficiencies because it provides knowledge of where data is, what it means, and how to use it, while also contributing to the organization’s data literacy.

-Source. 2022 Data Intelligence Index

Download the 2022 Data Intelligence Index to get more in-depth insights including:

  • Key characteristics of mature organizations
  • Data intelligence maturity and related implications
  • Data culture, literacy, and business outcome improvements aligned to maturity 

Next, take the Collibra Data Intelligence Assessment to get an understanding of your data intelligence maturity. You’ll receive a personalized report with recommendations and considerations about how to improve your data intelligence maturity.

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