The Countdown to the Collibra Data Citizens Conference

Andaz Hotel Wall Street

With more business users across the organization accessing data come challenges. Where do they find the data? Is the data reliable? How do they get “bad” data fixed?

For data to be an effective business empowerment tool, we need to put good data into the hands of everyone who needs it. That’s where data governance comes into play: it’s an approach that’s dynamic and enables data to be governed across all silos.

Collibra Data Citizens Conference - Andaz Hotel Wall StreetIn just a few days, we will be hosting the inaugural Collibra Data Citizens Conference, May 3-4 at the Andaz Wall Street hotel in New York. We’re expecting upwards of 200 key stakeholders – from Chief Data Officers and data stewards to other cross-organizational business data users – to gather for two days of conversations about the future of data governance. This makes the Data Citizens Conference the world’s largest gathering focused exclusively on the topic of data governance. That’s pretty exciting to all of us at Collibra.

But you may be asking: why this conference, and why now?

Put quite simply, there’s a data revolution taking place today in business. Thanks to Big Data and savvy business users empowered by technologies that increasingly look and feel like the consumer-friendly technologies we use in our everyday lives, there’s a fundamental change taking place in how we all gather, access, use and manage data.

There are huge implications inherent in that shift. Data isn’t the dirty four-letter word it once was. The use of data has become a “team sport,” not an asset that’s locked away in some ivory tower, accessible to only a select few.  That’s because forward-looking businesses now realize that making the most of data lifts operational excellence. It powers better customer experiences. It sparks value-generating innovations. And so, in our quest to use data more collaboratively across the organization, we’ve all become “data citizens.”

The Collibra Data Citizens Conference will offer an opportunity to explore data governance and the implications of these related business shifts. Our event kicks off with a keynote speech by London-based author, data-journalist and information designer, David McCandless, who will explore how to harness the power of visualization to surface insight, pattern, and stories from numbers.

Other sessions throughout the two-day event will take a deep dive into critical data topics including real-life case studies about how to drive enterprise-wide data governance adoption; building a data governance business case; data governance for big data analytics; and hands-on workshops and in-person certification training from Collibra University.

Watch this space for a recap post-Conference, where we’ll share some of the key insights and takeaways our attendees uncover.

As Data Citizens, we all need to be mindful of the fact that business data is our data. And when we’re in full control of our data, the sky’s the limit in terms of a businesses’ potential to succeed.

Collibra Data Citizens Conference

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