The Terrifying World of Ubiquitous Data

The Terrifying World of Ubiquitous Data

It’s Halloween. A night filled with tricks and treats, ghosts and ghouls, and a little bit of mischief to boot. And like any holiday, there’s many fun data points as well. A quick search revealed:

  • More than 179 million Americans join in the Halloween festivities
  • The top costume for kids is some form of superhero (adults, for you, it’s a witch!)
  • Over 10% of pet owners who celebrate Halloween dress their pets up as a pumpkin
  • 95% of those who celebrate buy (and likely eat!) Halloween candy

Halloween also means big business for many retailers. This year, the National Retail Federation reports that Halloween consumers will spend $9.1 billion. And, the average consumer will spend over $86 on costumes, decorations, and candy. That’s a lot of fun-sized treats!

But there’s another, darker side to data that has nothing to do with Halloween, but is sure to cause a fright. It’s the dark world of ubiquitous data. See, as big data gets bigger and bigger, so does the repository of information available about you. Think about it. Many everyday devices are collecting – and storing – data about you. The playlist you listen to on your wireless headphones? It’s collecting data that, together with other information, could identify you. The wearable device that your employer gave you to stay healthy and active? It’s collecting and storing data, too. Scary, right?

So in the spirit of all things spooky, scary, haunted, and black, we’re sharing six frightening facts about the dark world of ubiquitous data. But reader beware! The horror you are about to uncover is truly terrifying.

Scary Data Infographic

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The bigger and more complex that data gets, the scarier it becomes. But thankfully, Collibra is here to help. Our data governance platform helps everyone find, understand, and trust their data. Because when that happens, the lights come on and insights come to life. And the ghosts, vampires, and witches lurking deep in your depths of your dark data disappear.


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