Security and Confidence: Collibra Receives AWS Government Competency Status

Security is our priority. That is why we made the push to become FedRAMP authorized earlier this month. We are our customer’s champions and we deeply value the needs of our government customers. So this week, we took our promise of security one step further and received AWS Government Competency status. We demonstrated industry expertise, strong overall AWS practice, customer success, technical readiness, and met AWS’s security best practices to receive this status. Now that we are an accepted member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, we can enable our customers to unlock the value of their data, innovate and grow within a secure cloud environment. 

As the Data Intelligence company, we provide technology for the Defense Intelligence Agency, TVA, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration, ONRR, CDC, the Office of Inspector General and the FDA. We recognize that in the government sector, privacy, reliability and compliance are pivotal. With our new AWS partnership, Collibra can guarantee that our cloud environment is secure. Government agencies can leverage this secure environment to fuel innovation and generate insights while ensuring that agencies follow compliance practices. Furthermore, AWS is a scalable and cost-efficient solution. Partnered with Collibra, customers can easily access their data in the cloud and seamlessly adopt new technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

Civilian agencies, national defense, intelligence communities, and state and local governments should turn to the cloud to innovate at a faster rate. The cloud enables organizations to stay ahead of digital transformation and data challenges. It helps with scalability, reliability and maintainability by adopting improvements over time without needing to download or install updates. The AWS partnership provides organizations with a platform to become data-driven and achieve Data Intelligence. FedRAMP and the AWS Government Competency status, position Collibra to be our public sector customers’ champion.

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