Quantifying ROI from data governance and catalog investments

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Data is becoming an increasingly prominent and valuable business asset. Today’s organizations are using data in nearly every stage and department of their business, but many have yet to use it to its full potential or realized true ROI. For organizations to be truly data-driven, they need to easily and quickly find, understand, and trust their data for greater business insight and analytics and have this capability via any system across the enterprise.  

Learn how Collibra is helping HEINEKEN achieve their vision as the best-connected brewer by providing visibility into their data landscape.

Read their success story now and see how we can help you power your transformation with data governance solutions.

As featured in a recent press release, “Organizations are often missing huge opportunities to activate and better leverage their data to drive competitive advantage,” said Felix Van de Maele, co-founder and CEO, Collibra. “Data governance is critical to delivering the trust and compliance every organization needs to ensure it can use higher quality data to improve business outcomes, identify new opportunities, address regulatory requirements, and ensure data privacy.”

Collibra is purpose-built to provide a framework that improves your ability to manage, access, and use high-quality data while allowing you to continue to create and maintain that quality over time. Our functionality delivers benefits like:

  • Strong “data taxonomy”
  • Big data analytics enablement
  • Deeper data understanding and linkages
  • Support of regulatory efforts
  • Faster resolution of data-related issues

To demonstrate this value, we unveiled an ROI calculator with our sponsored IDC white paper, “Quantifying the Business Value of the Collibra Data Governance and Catalog Platform.” This explores the value and benefits that organizations are achieving using Collibra, which includes 510% three-year ROI, a seven-month payback period, and nearly $19 million higher gross revenues per year. The white paper also includes shared business results revealed in customer interviews.

“Better understanding the potential ROI from data governance further reinforces its value as the foundation of any long-term data strategy — one that we believe will deliver significant, ongoing and tangible value for the organization,” said Van de Maele.

To learn more, check out the IDC white paper or start using the IDC ROI Calculator.

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