New IDC report: Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud delivers business value for customers

Considering Collibra? But wondering what current customers think? We have the perfect solution for you — the latest study from IDC: The Business Value of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

The IDC whitepaper reveals in detail the full value of the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, including improvements on two key business values:

  • Data management
  • Business enablement

Improved data management

Enterprise intelligence is driving growth in organizations of all shapes and sizes. And it’s clear that the more maturity organizations realize in improved data management and data intelligence, the better they perform. 

IDC’s research shows that 60% of organizations with excellent enterprise intelligence (i.e., organizations that scored highest on IDC’s enterprise intelligence index scale) saw major improvements in decision-making, compared with 1% of organizations with poor enterprise intelligence.

Nevertheless, improving the security and integrity of data continues to be a critical challenge for data professionals, even as managing data is becoming increasingly complex and existing systems aren’t always capable of performing as required. 

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is designed to help navigate these challenges, ensuring data is as timely, relevant, trusted, and useful as possible across the organization. 

Collibra customers told IDC they experienced the following data management benefits:

  • Improved self-service access to data 
  • Prioritized data-oriented projects 
  • Defined cross-organizational roles and responsibilities 
  • Provided a single source of truth for data discovery and governance
  • Automated compliance efforts 
  • Improved analytics 

Better business enablement

The IDC report is clear: The improved data intelligence functionality experienced with Collibra had direct and measurable impacts on business operations. 

Companies optimized key aspects of their business by ensuring the quality and integrity of data used for critical decision making. 

In addition, the Collibra visualization and automation capabilities for data discovery and data curation, along with newer data governance features, accelerated tangible business outcomes. 

Study participants enabled more efficient business operations through the creation of their data marketplace. Participants also noted higher levels of data transparency and literacy across their organizations, leading to faster and more effective decision making. 

The ultimate benefit: Long-term value

With Collibra, customers have a platform for data intelligence that delivers tangible business value across the enterprise today and tomorrow.

But don’t take our word for it. Dive into the IDC white paper to get all the details and in-depth analysis of the Collibra experience as told to IDC researchers by Collibra customers.

Discover how Collibra enhanced customer data quality, reduced errors, facilitated data issue remediation, and optimized governance to provide more context and trust for mission-critical data — and how these benefits drove business value. 

Now, you don’t have to imagine the results you can expect with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

Want to learn more?

Check out the IDC whitepaper!

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