New from Collibra in Q3 2023: Faster time to value with expanded visibility across your data landscape


Our summer release is here with new capabilities to help you improve time to value, expand visibility across your complex data landscape and reduce costs.  

This release delivers features that help you:

  • Improve time to value and usability with the new Workflow Designer, Edge Smart Upgrade, expanded search relevancy and parallel profiling capabilities
  • Expand visibility with new integration for MicroStrategy and UI-based lineage configuration support for Azure Data Factory
  • Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of running data quality in the cloud with Data Quality with Pushdown for Databricks, now GA, and for BigQuery in beta

Faster time to value and improved usability

Improve workflow creation and collaboration with more powerful business process automation

Delivering an enhanced business process automation experience, the new Collibra Workflow Designer, is now fully integrated into the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud platform making it easier to work across the organization and improving collaboration. It also features more powerful tooling including visual process and  form editors, quick actions, and reusable forms so teams can quickly and easily create and deploy workflows. These new features along with our out-of-the-box workflows and single click deployment help you get started with your process automation faster and easier than ever before.

“The new Workflow Designer will help reduce complexity and better meet users’ requirements. Very excited to use this feature.”

– Beta participants

Quickly find the data you need with expanded search relevancy 

As we continue to explore and deliver new ways to increase user productivity, this release features expanded search relevancy capabilities to help you find the data you need more quickly. This includes improved matching of URLs, matching with CamelCase and with words connected using an underscore, as well as, improved ranking of partial matches.

Reduce barriers to upgrade using the new Edge Smart Upgrade

This release also delivers the new Edge Smart Upgrade capability designed to help reduce barriers to upgrade by providing you with the ability to choose your Edge upgrade strategy. You can now choose to either manually update Edge or have it done automatically, ensuring your Edge environment is updated in the way that is best for you. When choosing to manually upgrade, you have the ability to scan the software bill of materials to ensure that the software meets your security requirements prior to upgrading, improving enterprise security.

Accelerate time to insight with parallel profiling

Get the information you need about your data with faster profiling enabled by parallel processing on Edge. Profile up to 20 times more content in the same timeframe, and quickly summarize the data with statistics and graphics so users can get to insights faster.

Increase efficiency with two new APIs now available in Beta

The new Knowledge Graph API helps improve time to value by enabling you to use an industry standard request to retrieve knowledge graph data for multiple resource types, so you can quickly develop and leverage new integrations. 

Improve user onboarding and management with a new System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) API that enables you to automate your Collibra user or group management tasks (such as creating, updating, and deleting user accounts or groups), resulting in a smoother onboarding and off-boarding experience for your users and ensures that users have timely access to the your Collibra environment.

Expand visibility into your hybrid data ecosystems

Take trusted business reporting to a new level with MicroStrategy

We’ve taken the complexity and manual processes out of business reporting with our recently introduced MicroStrategy BI integration which is now GA. This integration utilizes MicroStrategy APIs to harvest metadata, and ingests this metadata into an updated asset model that includes technical lineage with stitching. Analysts can trace their reporting layer back to the physical and logical layer of a database for data discovery, and technical users can trace the full cycle of the lineage to support trusted business reporting.

Easier lineage configuration

We continue to expand the support of our latest UI-based lineage configuration which enables you to quickly get access to the lineage you need with out-of-the-box integrations. Azure Data Factory is the latest integration that can now be setup with our UI-based configuration, so you avoid the need to deploy and manage separate hardware, and focus on deriving the right insights for your business.

Increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of running data quality in the cloud 

Data Quality Pushdown expanding support for Databricks and BigQuery

Deliver high quality data to your users with the new Data Quality Pushdown capabilities that securely process your data directly in your data cloud for faster results using fewer costly resources. This release includes the general availability of Data Quality Pushdown for Databricks and the beta of Data Quality Pushdown for BigQuery.

Data Quality Pushdown enables you to increase efficiency by scanning billions of records in seconds without a dependency on Spark, so you can process, access and use your data faster. Plus, you’ll see lower costs by securely processing data in Databricks or BigQuery, eliminating fees for data egress.

Learn more about Data Quality Pushdown for Databricks 

Streamlined UI for an enhanced user experience 

We’ve also enhanced the Collibra Data Quality & Observability user experience with streamlined and more familiar UIs. The updated Explorer and Rules Workbench offer cleaner, more user friendly experiences for increased efficiency and productivity. 

And, with a new API-based integration between Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud and Data Quality & Observability, you’ll be able to easily see the quality of your data sets within the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, view the rules and scores associated with data, and drill into what’s impacting scores, all without having to navigate to another application.

Increase auditability by bringing your own storage

This release also brings increased auditability with expanded data storage connections for break records. Previously, only a limited number of rows of break record reports were stored in Postgres. Now, with the ability to bring your own storage, you can choose the connection of your choice, like an Amazon S3 bucket, to store full records for later analysis and auditing purposes. 

New and updated services to improve time to value

In addition to the new release features, we are also offering new services and resources to ensure you can quickly drive  value from your Collibra investment. We are excited to introduce our newly enhanced Premium Support offer, which provides expedited Engineering assistance, technical health checks, and features designed to accelerate adoption, including coaching, knowledge share sessions and use case guidance. 

Additionally, Collibra Professional Services has added multiple new Coaching sessions to better meet your needs, including Spring Boot integrations, new Accelerators (fast-paced, targeted engagements) focused on data mesh, Collibra Protect, and Workflow Designer as well as our new Accelerated Development extended session (up to 10 hours) to quickly complete projects with the help of a dedicated Architect. 

To complement our new support and services offering, we also introduced new Collibra University self-paced courses on Data Quality, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, a Collibra 101 course for a strong foundation, and several more. And in our Data Citizens Community, we launched “Start Collibra,” a new site for customers to easily access best practices and quick tips for implementation, governance, and adoption. 

Our latest 2023.08 release offers powerful innovations and integrations that help you achieve faster time to value with expanded visibility across your data landscape.

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