Making data-driven decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Swift decision making is more important now than ever before. When COVID-19 hit America back in March, hospitals and healthcare organizations faced insurmountable challenges. Hospitals were overrun with patients, healthcare professionals needed more PPE than ever before, and people were dying at alarming rates. Simultaneously, the United States experienced three record-setting point drops for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in March. These were the greatest point drops in U.S. history. This stock market volatility sparked great concern across industries and presented its own form of insurmountable challenges for many organizations. 

Using data in crisis 

In order to combat these challenges, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and large enterprises must think fast and act quickly; they need to be agile and alert in order to keep up with the ever changing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But not every organization experiences the same challenges and not every organization reacts and pivots in an identical way. However, all of these use cases highlight the importance of data when making important decisions. With Collibra Data Catalog, our customers are able to unlock the value of their data seamlessly so business analysts, researchers, epidemiologists and healthcare professionals can quickly make accurate and impactful decisions during a time of crisis. 

How our customers are using data during the pandemic

At Collibra we have many different customers ranging across various industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of being a data driven organization and the ways in which our customers use Collibra in various ways to achieve their goals. For example, a large healthcare system in the greater Boston area used Collibra Data Catalog to keep track of patients, number of beds, doctors, nurses, and diagnosis during the pandemic. 

This hospital was immediately overrun when the pandemic spiked in Boston at the beginning of the outbreak. This healthcare organization worked alongside the local government to create a make-shift hospital in the local convention center and a 200 bed recovery center in a nearby hotel. The data office at this hospital used data to guide all of their decisions such as, the number of beds available, which staff members were relocated to these makeshift sights, and the PPE supply chain. They also monitored regional spread of the virus on a daily basis and the internal spread to determine where to move patients to prevent overflow in an individual hospital. They used Collibra Data Catalog to easily access this data and reports so that they could make quick and informed decisions. 

Similarly, a large research hospital in New York City used Collibra Data Catalog to inventory all tested patients, including patients that tested positive via an infection flag and patients who had been exposed to COVID-19. They also cataloged these patients medical history and preexisting conditions. Since this hospital is a research hospital, this data is primarily being used for COVID-19 research. Teams across the different departments want to use this data to study the impact of COVID-19 on high risk patients like the ones in the cancer unit. With Collibra Data Catalog, the director of data architecture at this hospital is able to provide COVID-19 data across the enterprise, which is crucial for a research institution. 

While the customers above are both in the healthcare industry and were obviously greatly and directly impacted by the COVID-19 virus, we have customers in other industries that are also using COVID-19 data to make business decisions. These organizations need to look to readjust KPIs, target new markets, and pivot finances. In fact, many of these organizations need to completely pivot the way they do business. For example, a leading insurance company wants to use COVID-19 data to track how shopping for insurance behavior has changed due to the pandemic. Specifically, they see driving behaviors changing as more and more companies maintain their work from home order. This insurance company hopes to use Collibra Data Catalog to stay ahead of these changes and pivot to adapt to the new market demand. 

Introducing the COVID-19 Data Catalog 

At Collibra, we pride ourselves on being our customer’s champion. As we talked to our customers about how they have been using data or want to be able to use data during this time of crisis, we realized there was a need for a central place for all COVID-19 data. Our customers wanted to be able to access, understand and trust COVID-19 data efficiently so that they can make quick decisions. As a result of these conversations, we created our own COVID-19 Data Catalog, which brings together high-quality datasets from organizations such as the World Health Organization, the University of Oxford, and the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. Our COVID-19 Data Catalog is a public data catalog designed to help epidemiologists, researchers, data scientists and analysts who work for hospitals, healthcare companies, and public agencies to easily find and access the data they need to make quick and impactful decisions.

Access our COVID-19 Data Catalog to see how it helps Data Citizens find the data they need in their fight against COVID-19.  

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