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Cloud-Ready Data
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Data Governance

Introducing United by Data

A new, united perspective

Today, our founder and CEO, Felix Van de Maele and guests explored the universal value of data at our annual conference, Data Citizens ‘21. This is an exciting time for our customers, partners and the thousands of data professionals tuning in from around the globe to share best practices, learn from each other, and collaborate around the power of data. 

As data citizens, we all know the infinite potential of data when used in the right way. Data makes us more informed. It can empower better business decisions. And gives us the knowledge to unite around a common goal or objective. 

We have experienced a period of uncertainty, isolation and hope together these past months. There have been seismic shifts to a new normal in work, life and society, but despite all these challenges I see the world with a new, united perspective. I am so grateful to be in this moment. 

Data with purpose

At Collibra, we believe that we are at a pivotal moment where organizations are looking to stabilize and innovate for the future. We are no longer reacting to the pandemic and constantly adapting. Instead, we are looking to achieve extraordinary things with data as the foundation of that work. 

We are changing how organizations use data, so our customers can change the world. The time is now to make a positive impact and we want to help our customers do so by making trusted data more accessible. To achieve these lofty goals, we need to collectively come together to use data for good, to enrich our communities, solve political, economic and social injustice, and restore unity across the globe. 

The power of managed, trusted and accessible data

Today at Data Citizens, you heard Felix talk about how Collibra can help unite your entire organization by delivering accurate, trusted data for every use, for every user and across every source. He outlined how Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud helps organizations manage, trust, and access their data so that they can easily collaborate and make every data workflow more productive. To highlight:

    • Managed data: use a flexible governance approach to replace disconnected, disjointed views of information with a consistent, clear, scalable language for all the data across your organization.
    • Trusted data: establish intelligent, automated processes and workflows to improve the quality of and trust in your data, so you can increase innovation and stay ahead of privacy and compliance requirements.
    • Accessible data: deliver secure, self-service, one-stop data access, so everyone in your organization can safely find and share the information they need to work together and move business forward.

More broadly, Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud brings flexible governance, continuous quality, and built-in privacy to all your data, so you not only know what data you have, you can understand what it means and be confident you’re using it in the right way. 

Making it all about people

The world doesn’t just run on information. It runs on people, living their passion and dreaming big ideas. But without information—without the data—those ideas won’t become innovations. 

We make data easier to access, by making it usable, manageable and practical.

We make it make sense, so people have a common language to share and shape their ideas. And no matter how far and wide that data is scattered, we make sure it’s all within reach. 

Connecting the disconnected, joining the disjointed so that we are all United by DataTM.

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