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Looking to monetize data? Need to help drive additional revenue? In our digital age, every enterprise is a technology company. But few can nurture a data-driven culture internally, let alone create external demand for their data. 

Sponsored by Collibra, the new IDC  Spotlight: Monetizing Data with Intelligence is available and can help you plan your path to monetization. 

Intelligence about data being monetized is not a nice-to-have; it is a need-to-have.

-IDC  Spotlight, ‘Monetizing Data with Intelligence’

Intelligent monetization is within reach

Many corporate data leaders managing data initiatives are being asked to monetize valuable data. The problem is that in the rush to ramp up monetization initiatives, many are undercutting their own efforts by failing to establish a foundation of data intelligence.

But monetizing data entails creating data products and, as IDC notes, ‘requires product management.’ For such efforts, data intelligence is key to driving data governance and data quality. In fact, these are must-haves. Without data intelligence, your monetization initiatives face the risk of creating silos and, as the IDC authors write, ‘brittle products that are difficult to extend, modify, and reuse.’ 

Organizations that are leveraging data intelligence solutions like Collibra are seeing more effective efforts at defining product and service delivery requirements as well as meeting privacy and security demands in often complex regulatory environments.

See why IDC says, ‘The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud can provide the source of intelligence about data as organizations go through the process of data monetization.’

The process of monetizing data intelligently requires intelligence about data, which is applied in goal setting, exploration, design, build, deployment, and ongoing evaluation and monitoring of data products.

-IDC Spotlight, ‘Monetizing Data with Intelligence’

Unsure of where to start your monetization efforts? We want to help. 

Learn more about the growing trend of successful enterprises that are transforming proprietary data into revenue streams.

Download the IDC whitepaper to learn more about the pathways to successful monetization, including:

  • Selling a standalone data service to customers outside of the organization’s usual market
  • Adding data to a current product or service 
  • Integrating data with additional outside sources to make an existing product or service “stickier” for current customers and raise future switching costs

Considering monetizing your data? Kick start your data monetization initiative by reading the IDC whitepaper.

Download the IDC Spotlight: Managing Data with Intelligence now.

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