Get hands-on experience with the Collibra Data Quality Test Drive!

With the 14-day free Collibra Data Quality Test Drive, you can experience first-hand the power that Collibra gives you when you make data quality and observability the heart of your data strategy. 

The Collibra Data Quality Test Drive is a preconfigured instance of Collibra Data Quality & Observability that provides an interactive, guided tour of the platform’s various capabilities and use cases to show you how you can maximize your ROI

Becoming a data-led company

It is invaluable to use your data to make impactful business insights and ensure a maximum ROI across your organization. While the opportunity is there, a daunting number of obstacles can often cause organizations to hesitate before beginning the journey towards embracing a data-led culture:

  • Manual rule writing and management (unscalable detection): Manual rules are reactive, static and unscalable. It is nearly impossible to write and manage all the rules, boundaries and conditions that a business needs to be constantly confident in the quality, accuracy and applicability of its exponentially growing data.
  • Limited connectivity and scalability (unscalable architecture): Most traditional data quality tools are unable to scan large databases, with their ever-multiplying numbers of tables, columns and rules. Given this limitation, the amount of coverage and trust achieved with a conventional approach is greatly limited.
  • Manual, ad-hoc data quality management by IT (unscalable adoption): Business users often depend upon IT and technical users to identify and resolve data quality issues. Unnecessary barriers exist between business data and those who should have oversight of it.

The commitment necessary to transform from a company that desires a data-led culture to one that is actively engaged in building one is substantial. Different challenges can inspire individuals in different roles to begin the journey. For a Chief Data Officer (CDO), it can be a lack of trust in the business-critical data. For a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), it can be the recognition that data quality must be embedded early in every process that touches compliance reporting or risk management. A Business Analyst may struggle with the unreliable analytics models and reports that low data quality produces. Once motivated, those driving the transformation to a data-led enterprise need to identify the obstacles and recognize the solutions that will help them overcome those challenges.

Collibra integrates predictive data quality and observability into your governance programs and leverages the power of machine learning to generate adaptive data quality rules that help boost productivity and compliance, and put trusted data into the hands of every business user. 

Building a data quality culture

If you want to build a culture that encourages exploration and innovation in your data environment, Collibra is here to make it happen. By helping you build, manage and maintain a responsive and reliable data intelligence platform, Collibra can provide the tools that will open up your data to produce new insights, products and services. These are tools that can better inform business critical decisions and provide insights you never imagined possible.

With Collibra Data Quality & Observability you can:

  • View, manage and improve the health of business-critical data on a continuous basis
  • Champion the availability of high-quality and trusted data for the success of data lake, data mesh and digital business initiatives
  • Build high-quality data pipelines and data products
  • Assure accuracy of analytics and ML models with high quality data

The Collibra 14-day free Test Drive

Want to see how it all works? With the Collibra 14-day free Test Drive, you can explore the tools and capabilities Collibra offers.

The Collibra Data Quality Test Drive is a preconfigured instance of Collibra Data Quality & Observability with pre-loaded dummy data that allows interested data professionals to try our product in a realistic sandbox environment. Through guided walkthroughs and test cases, users can get hands-on experience, experimenting and exploring the power of Collibra.

The use case presents instances that illustrate how Collibra can modernize data quality, reduce complexity and drive better insights with auto-discovered and adaptive data quality rules. They show the ways Collibra proactively monitors and detects anomalies.

Learn how Collibra automatically uncovers data drift, outliers, patterns and schema changes to mitigate risks and improve decision making. Calculate your savings when you proactively improve and maintain the quality of your business-critical data across the enterprise.

Collibra Data Quality & Observability supports 30+ connectors for common data sources such as Snowflake, Postgres, Mysql, and Oracle. You can also bring your own connectors. Look through Collibra’s single pane of glass for data quality across all sources.

The Test Drive provides the opportunity for user to:

  • See how they can connect to Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery.
  • Learn how they can scan the Amazon Redshift data source.
  • View Collibra’s continuous data quality monitoring.
  • Examine auto-generated data quality rules and ‘unknown unknowns’.
  • Observe Collibra’s machine learning-driven adaptive rules. 
  • Create manual or custom data quality rules as SQL statements.
  • View profiling information, histogram and correlation of data.


Take the Data Quality Test Drive today!

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