New from Collibra in Q2 2023: Extend the value of your data ecosystem


The health of your enterprise data ecosystem is essential to your business. 

But if you’re like most enterprise data leaders, you’re struggling in a massively complex data landscape.  

  • 75% of organizations use multiple cloud service providers
  • 95% are integrating data across hybrid clouds
  • 77% are integrating various data types and data management solutions

Source: Mar 2021, IDC Survey Spotlight.

Complexity is the new normal.

To help improve visibility across your complex data landscape and extend the value of your data ecosystem, our 2023.05 release is focused on:

  • Improving data discovery, data understanding, and data protection across more sources — including AWS Lake Formation, Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Lake Storage, Databricks Unity Catalog, Power BI and MicroStrategy (beta).
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of running data quality in the cloud with data quality pushdown for Snowflake, now GA, and Databricks in beta.
  • Delivering more tailored Collibra experiences so everyone on the team can get started and take action quickly thanks to new Workflow Designer features (beta) and Data Marketplace enhancements.

See the release notes now.

“At Northern Trust, data is knowledge and our competitive advantage. Collibra is at the center of our data strategy, enabling our business to gain clear visibility and understanding of trusted data to support data-driven decisions that help our clients achieve their financial goals,” said Adrienne Kiessel, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, Northern Trust. “We’re looking forward to continuing to partner with Collibra to deliver more value from our Snowflake investment, improve data quality, and empower the business to leverage data as a strategic asset.”

– Adrienne Kiessel, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, Northern Trust

Improving data discovery, data understanding and data protection across more sources

Collibra is delivering new and expanded integrations with leading technology partners that provide deeper visibility and clarity into your sprawling data ecosystems, enabling your team to better discover, understand, and protect data across more sources. 

Our newest integrations are designed to help data stewards, analysts, and other critical data professionals get the visibility and understanding they need into Databricks Unity Catalog, Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Lake Storage.

Databricks Unity Catalog | Metadata integration

Leveraging this latest metadata integration your organization can now catalog assets from the Databricks Unity Catalog into Collibra. That means you can quickly see what’s available across all databases, schema, tables and columns. With comprehensive visibility of relevant data and context, your users are empowered to find, understand and trust data.

Azure Data Factory (ADF) | Lineage integration

Doing impact analysis, data provenance, auditing and compliance, or data migration with ADF? To provide a complete view of your data flow — from source to destination — we’ve created an integration with ADF that automates technical lineage.

Now, you can discover and understand where your data is going, and where it’s coming from by automatically harvesting and stitching lineage from Azure Data Factory. You’ll get faster troubleshooting and issue resolution, better team collaboration, and improved trust in your data.

Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) | Metadata integration

Coming in June 2023, we’re releasing an ADLS integration that allows you to ingest the container, directories and files hierarchy from ADLS into the Collibra Data Catalog. You can also optionally ingest schema information (table and column assets) for files from Microsoft Purview. With a clear view of ADLS assets, you can now discover and govern the use of files on ADLS via policies defined in Collibra.

Power BI | Streamlined experience

Already an existing integration, we listened to your feedback and improved the Power BI experience for business users.

Now, you can take the complication out of reporting processes and procedures with an enhanced Power BI experience for business users that streamlines trusted business reporting. Expanded information including DAX calculations and app report URLs are now included on Power BI asset pages. If a data set or report in Power BI is certified, the corresponding Power BI Data Model and Power BI Report assets in Collibra are now automatically certified. Additional enhancements, including improved stitching results with technical lineage, ensure users have the right information to deliver trusted business reporting.

MicroStrategy (beta) | Upleveling business reporting

To bring trusted business reporting to our customers using MicroStrategy, this release offers a revamped integration with the latest MicroStrategy APIs to harvest your metadata. It supports technical lineage, including stitching. You can build more trust in your data with the ability to trace data back to the physical and logical layer of the database, and technical users can trace the full lineage lifecycle.

Collibra Protect for AWS Lake Formation

Already generally available with Snowflake and Google BigQuery, Collibra Protect adds support for AWS Lake Formation in this release. Users can create data access policies without using code in Collibra and push those policies to AWS for enforcement so that sensitive data is safeguarded. Understanding the challenges of protecting data across cloud sources, Collibra will continue to add support for additional cloud platforms in the future.

Increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of running data quality in the cloud with Data Quality Pushdown

Deliver high quality data to your users with the new Data Quality Pushdown capabilities that securely process your data directly in your data cloud for faster results using fewer costly resources. This release includes the general availability of Data Quality Pushdown for Snowflake and the beta of Data Quality Pushdown for Databricks.

Data Quality Pushdown enables you to increase efficiency by scanning billions of records in seconds without a dependency on Spark, so you can process, access and use your data faster. Plus, you’ll see lower costs by securely processing data in Snowflake or Databricks, eliminating fees for data egress.

Delivering more tailored experiences in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Introducing new features as part of the Workflow Designer beta

When the user experience (UX) is optimized, everything is easier. Our newest release is focused on delivering a tailored experience that’s a dream to use — and ensures that all Collibra users can get started and take action quickly. 

Announced in November, the Workflow Designer beta is adding new capabilities including  out-of-the-box (OOTB) workflows which take advantage of the new forms and processes capabilities, so you can get started right away.

Additionally, with the new Deploy button, you can quickly deploy new workflow apps directly into your Collibra instance without exporting to a ZIP file first.

Want to try it out now? The OOTB workflows will be available to our customers through the Product Resources center. 

Improving the Data Marketplace experience

Our new enhancements to Data Marketplace help support your team’s productivity by making trusted data discoverable and easy to access. You can further tailor the marketplace experience by customizing the most appropriate workflows for specific asset types and ensuring the most appropriate workflow is available to a data consumer from the asset preview. Available in public beta, search filters are now displayed on the landing page to improve discovery for first time users, and an improved UI helps to simplify the management and use of search filters.

Streamlining lineage configuration

Our new UI-based lineage configuration enables you to quickly get access to the lineage and insights you need with streamlined deployment of out-of-the-box integrations in just a few clicks. With lineage now deployed via Edge, you avoid the need to deploy and maintain separate hardware, and enable a more unified, UI-based user experience to set up metadata and lineage in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

Supporting today’s most demanding data landscapes

The more your data ecosystem becomes more complex, the more you will need a unified data intelligence platform that can connect to any data source, allowing your data citizens to discover, understand, trust, and access their data at scale. 

Our latest 2023.05 release offers powerful innovations and integrations that can help you and your team navigate today’s complex data landscapes with confidence.

Can’t wait to read the release notes? Get all the details on our newest releases and integrations.

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