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We are entering a new era in enterprise collaboration and analytics where there is a need for fast, frictionless information flow across the organization and between people. With almost every industry now impacted by COVID-19, the need for strong data-driven decision making has become clear. Enterprises depend on reporting to make impactful decisions. But with quickly evolving data, KPIs and metrics, it is very important that the entire enterprise trusts and understands the data used in the reports and analytics that are the basis for business decisions.  

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Challenges in finding trustworthy data for smarter self-service analytics and reporting 

The problem that many data professionals face is whether they can be sure that the information relayed via reports is trustworthy. How can they confirm it? Whom can they ask to confirm it? What can they do to make the data trustworthy? All of this makes the decision-making process cumbersome and complicated rather than seamless and fast. With Collibra Data Catalog’s Power BI integration, business analysts can find and understand the content, context and structure of Power BI reports, as well as view the data sets used in the reports in Collibra Data Catalog.

How Collibra can help 

Our Power BI integration enables customers to ingest metadata and lineage about reports and data sets from their Power BI Pro or Premium instance into Collibra Data Catalog.  Business analysts can take advantage of the integration in various ways: 

  • Power BI tenant, capacities and workspaces show how reports and datasets are stored
  • Power BI dashboards, tiles and reports provide insights into report structure
  • Power BI datasets and columns give a clear view on data preparation before the datasets are used in the reports and dashboards

Benefits of the Power BI integration

With this integration, data professionals can leverage Collibra Data Catalog capabilities to make the reports and data sets in Power BI more meaningful. These Collibra capabilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Business glossaries for standardized definitions 
  • Certification of data assets to establish trust and confidence 
  • Ability to rate and comment on any data asset to provide crowdsourced context and feedback
  • Role-based permissioning to control users’ access to data assets, resources and capabilities

In addition, with the Power BI integration, analysts can view the data flow, or lineage, behind Power BI data sets in Collibra Data Catalog. For example, if analysts use M-query to calculate specific characteristics or there is any data transformation in the database used to create Power BI reports, they can view technical lineage diagrams to see those queries and transformations at the table, column, transformation and SQL query level in Collibra Data Catalog.

“With Collibra’s native Power BI integration, our data professionals will be able to link business terms to data sets and understand the context and the data flow for the many reports that we’ll build off those data sets. This integration is going to make a world of difference to us in enabling efficiency and providing trusted access to data for business users and executives across the organization.”

Matt Minor

Head of Group Data & Analytics, Blackmores

Additionally, we have designed a special template for Collibra Everywhere mobile and desktop applications to drive adoption by delivering approved content to users where and when they need. The link to the report representation in Collibra Everywhere can be embedded in a Power BI dashboard to enable analysts with quick access to trusted data to drive impactful business outcomes.  

With the Power BI integration we are embarking on a journey to the world of BI solutions and their representation in Collibra, which will empower organizations to make better, data-driven decisions. Power BI puts powerful analytics into the hands of all data professionals. But to get the most from those analytics, business users need to know where to find the right data, understand its context and trust in its accuracy. Collibra empowers them to do just that. It also provides them with a platform to collaborate on data sets and reports in Power BI, understand and trust the data and its flow, and share trusted insights across the enterprise.

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What to see the PowerBI integration in action?

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