Don’t get lost in your complex data landscape

Do you ever feel like finding the data you need is like looking for a needle in a haystack? You know the data exists somewhere in your data landscape, but there is so much data and so many places the data lives, it makes it seem almost impossible to find and trust it. 

Top challenges 

Organizations today want to be data-driven but are often overwhelmed not only by the amount of data coming in, but also by the ever increasing complexity of the data landscape. Whether that is different physical locations – in the cloud or on prem – or different organizational silos, getting full visibility into all of your data, is a top challenge. Without full visibility of your data, you can’t ever start to manage, govern, or make data easier to find.

Once you have visibility of all of your data, the next challenge is to take back control of the data. With a focus on cataloging and governing you can  improve the accuracy, consistency, completeness and discoverability of your data. This is particularly challenging because it isn’t just about the tools you use, but also about getting buy-in, defined processes and participation from colleagues across the organization.

The last challenge is getting users to trust the data. Many users lack a common understanding of the data across the organization, which often leads to confusion – one team thinks the data means one thing, while the other team thinks it means something else. Without a common and clear understanding, it is hard to build that trust in the data. Ensuring data definitions are documented, ownership is defined and data assets are certified is key to building trust among your users.

How can organizations overcome these challenges

The first step to overcome these challenges is to get recognition and buy-in from key stakeholders across IT, business lines, operations, and the data office. These stakeholders need to recognize that these challenges have to be addressed and commit the time and resources needed to support these efforts. 

Next, you should look for a solution to help you take back control of your data landscape. Preferably a single, scalable solution that can help you to start small – with a single use case – and then scale as you expand use across the organization. It should be able to bring metadata from all of your important data sources, no matter where they are located, into a central location so you can get full visibility of your data. It should provide all of the data catalog and governance capabilities you need to manage and govern your data. And should provide all of your users with a way to easily find, understand, and trust the data, so they can start using the data to drive business decisions.

Lastly, you should ensure that you are working with a partner that can support you throughout your journey. From initial setup and onboarding of the solution through your first use case, and as you scale usage across the organization. Working with someone who has the background and experience to help you navigate the potential potholes and not get lost can make the journey so much easier.

Let us help you keep from getting lost

Collibra Data Intelligence Platform is an adaptive data and analytics solution that delivers everything you need to take back control of your data landscape, including the ability to:

  • Get full visibility of all of your data by bringing metadata into one central location. Using native integrations and APIs to important data sources, business applications, data science and BI tools, you can make data available and easily accessible across your organization.
  • Take back control with a single, scalable solution that includes all of the catalog and governance capabilities you need. So you can ensure your data is accurate, consistent, complete, and discoverable.
  • Deliver trusted data by documenting definitions and ownership, certifying data assets, and capturing crowdsourced feedback. Helping users feel confident in using the data and empowered to make business decisions.

    In addition to the solution, the Collibra team works with you from planning, to adoption, to enabling your team — we are here to help you throughout your journey. 

    Finding the data you need shouldn’t be like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you have full visibility into your data, you have full control of what’s ahead. It’s data you can see, data you can manage, and data you can trust—making it easier to make insightful business decisions.

    Want to learn more about adaptive data and analytics governance?

    Read our ebook!

    Want to learn more about adaptive data and analytics governance?

    Read our ebook!

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