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John Smith
Data Scientist, USA
Cloud-Ready Data
Digital Transformation
Data Governance

Discover a unified approach to adaptive data and analytics governance

Nearly 80% of IT decision-makers agree that the collection and analytics of data has the potential to fundamentally change the way their company does business in the next 1 – 3 years. 

Despite the transformational promise, many organizations struggle to manage an increasingly complex data landscape. 

Across your enterprise, data users spend too much time and effort trying to understand data, its relationships, and how to make it useful. We haven’t even mentioned compliance challenges, which are especially significant in highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.

> See how adaptive data and analytics governance can help. Get the whitepaper.

A framework for maximizing value

Data by itself does nothing. Our job as data stewards and data citizens is to turn data into value. But we can’t do our job if our data isn’t discoverable, isn’t trustworthy, and, ultimately, isn’t useful.

To maximize value, you need a solution that helps you:

  1. Find and manage your entire data estate
  2. Streamline the processes for making data easy to understand and useful
  3. Ensure data clarity and consistency across your organization

How much is an investment in a data-driven culture worth? A 40% increase in time-to-market. A 35% increase in new customer acquisitions.


The good news is there’s a path to establishing the foundations of a truly data-driven culture. The key is adaptive data and analytics governance — or the comprehensive management of data and the processes that facilitate collaboration and access. At Collibra, we believe it’s the next big step forward in data governance.

Why adaptive data and analytics governance

Coined by Gartner, adaptive data and analytics governance emphasizes the need to go beyond control and compliance to focus on business outcomes. In a world where outcomes are critical, and scalability is essential, governance takes on even greater urgency.

Fortunately, Collibra has an answer to the challenges of our data-driven age. Our single, scalable data catalog and governance solution provides all the capabilities you need to: 

  • Take back control of your data
  • Increase efficiencies across people and processes
  • Reduce data and compliance risks

Our newest whitepaper explores each of these valuable pillars of our adaptive data and analytics governance solution — and presents two Collibra case studies from global leaders in technology and security. Get your copy today.

Want to learn more about adaptive data and analytics governance?

Read the ebook!

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