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Collibra Mobile Dashboard

The most important thing in Data Governance is to just start ‘small’ – whether you are ready or not. As Lowell Fryman explains in his post on data governance readiness, Collibra will help you along the way with adaptive and flexible technology. Our Collibra Mobile app perfectly fits into this mission of assisting our data citizens – whether you are a data steward, a data consumer, or even the CDO – with nurturing a data governance culture in your company through data governance on-the-go.

Mobile Data Governance is a Time Saver

How many times do you find yourself with an urgent need to look up definitions or dashboards in preparation for your next meeting? How many times have you received a call from your boss on your way home asking you – the data steward – where to find that dashboard report on data quality? How many times have you spent 5 to 10 minutes waiting for a colleague to join a webinar?

Now imagine how much time you could save every single day if you could consult your smartphone and go to the Collibra app at any point in time to:

  • browse for a definition or description of an asset, metric, KPI, etc.
  • quickly and briefly comment on a question of your colleague
  • lookup who is responsible for a certain policy or business rule and contact him from within the app
  • check a bar chart in a dashboard about outstanding data issues, while interactively sorting the results alphabetically, descending or ascending order on the bar chart
  • zoom-in to a bar chart and share it as a PDF or picture with your boss

With Collibra Mobile, you can do all of these things, and more. For Collibra Mobile version 1.2, we integrated the Collibra Data Governance Center dashboard functionality into the mobile app. So now, any dashboard that you create in Data Governance Center will be reflected the next time you sign in to the mobile data governance app. Dashboards give the on-the-go executives the ability to quickly check their key data governance KPI’s and take action.Collibra Mobile Chart

Version 1.2 currently supports:

  • Bar charts that you can sort (alphabetically, ascending, or descending) and share as timestamped image or PDF
  • Counters: you can tap assets, communities, domains and users for more information
  • Text widgets

We are now working on adding support for tasks and workflow elements (like approval) to Mobile. We aim to release this version in the fall of 2016.

Towards the end of this year, we will release a brand new Mobile app compatible with Collibra Data Governance Center 5.0 with full Enterprise support.

Do you want to know more about our Mobile strategy or help to shape our strategy? If so, then please subscribe to our User Participation Platform and check the Mobile option.

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