Data Citizens and their Data Governance Journey

Data Citizens and their Data Governance Journey

At the Collibra Data Citizens Conference earlier this year, we got the chance to sit down with some of our customers and talk to them about their data governance journey. These customers are true data change agents. They are leading the data revolution at their organizations, and empowering an army of data citizens.

While each of these customers comes from a different industry – education to technology, financial services to telecom — they are all share the same goal: for all their business users to become active, engaged data citizens who can find, understand, and trust the data. Yes, they are all using Collibra, but, equally important, they are helping everyone at their respective organizations realize how data can be a true game-changer when it is adopted systemically across the organization.

For each interview, one of our co-founders sat down for a Charlie Rose-style interview with the customer. In these candid conversations, they talk about:

  • The state of their organization before data governance, and the challenges that prompted them to begin the data governance journey
  • The requirements they needed to fulfill from a technology perspective to support their data governance journey
  • Why Collibra was chosen to help them realize their goal of data governance

You’ll notice a familiar uniformity in the challenges that sparked the need for data governance at each customer company. Let’s take hear our customers speak for themselves:

 Stephen Gatchell, EMC

Ronald Layne, George Washington University

Ronald Layne, Manager Data Governance & Quality, George Washington University

Brian Keil, Charles Schwab

Brian Keil, Managing Director – Global Data Governance, Charles Schwab
*Brian also presented at the recent DGIQ event and explained why “whack-a-mole†data governance doesn’t work. You can catch a recap of that presentation in this blog post.

Nikki Verhoff, Verizon Wireless

Nikki Verhoff, Data Governance Program Director, Verizon Wireless

We are in awe of our customers. They are truly sparking a data revolution, and we’re so proud to be a part of their journey. Let us know if you share these challenges and how you’re conquering them.

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