Data Citizens ‘22: Top 5 must-see sessions to attend

Visionary keynotes. 40+ breakout sessions. 100s of hands-on training workshops. 

From November 1 – 3, San Diego will be the site of our biggest event of the year — Data Citizens ‘22

We hope you’ll attend to hear from trailblazing thinkers transforming data as we know it. Focused on real innovation for real practitioners, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the latest insights and peer use cases to quickly scale data across your business. 

There’s a lot to do and see at Data Citizens ‘22. But we wanted to help you prioritize. If you only see 5 sessions, these are our top 5 recommendations you won’t want to miss.

5 must-see sessions

#1 Opening keynote: Experience the newest innovations & insights to thrive with data

Join Collibra Founder and CEO Felix Van de Maele and Collibra Chief Product Officer Laura Sellers as they inspire you to innovate so you can thrive with data. 

You’ll get a first look at a wave of new products designed for great user experience and quick adoption. And you’ll see how leading customers are using these innovations to thrive — making it easy for teams to find, understand and trust all your data.

It’s all about the user. Expect user experience enhancements along with new features to help everyone in your organization engage with data in a meaningful way and make better decisions. Data should be available for all business users — and they don’t have to be Collibra experts.”

‘What to expect at Data Citzens ‘22 with Chief Product Officer Laura Sellers’ – Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer, Collibra

#2 Build a thriving data culture that delivers ROI

Join Collibra Founder and Chief Data Citizen Stijn ‘Stan’ Christiaens as he explores the quantifiable value of a data-driven culture and Data Office insights based on Collibra’s own 2025 initiatives. He’ll be joined by MIT’s Dr. Barbara Wixom, who will share a framework for how to benchmark and measure the outcomes and value of your data, achieve a simple way to capture and set KPIs, and drive change and measure financial outcomes.

Data strategy experts know the key to unlocking value is a truly data literate enterprise. When you put data at the heart of organizational decision-making, you’ll see direct benefits:

  • It gives purpose to your goals
  • It keeps everyone on the same page
  • It speeds up adoption and helps you scale
  • It encourages innovation

#3 Main stage presentation: Thrive with disruption

Join Collibra Founder and CEO Felix van de Maele; Nazila Alasti, Experienced Board Member, Operator & Serial Entrepreneur; and DJ Patil, former U.S. Chief Data Scientist as they set the stage for the historic moment facing us – with data at the forefront of a vast opportunity and the industry still in its infancy. 

Key discussion topics will include:

  • Trends in the industry 
  • Key technologies paving the way for greater data intelligence
  • Data as a strategic asset-what this means and how to get there
  • CDO as change agent, disruptor, and creator of new business value

#4 Vanguard: Our journey to data democratization and how we tailored experiences to drive adoption

Vanguard is on a journey of data enrichment and ingestion, balancing the need for all data sets with what is crucial for key personas. Explore the roadmap they followed, the experiments they conducted and the current state. See how they created an experience to orient business units to focus on what is ultimately of the highest value.

The benefits of data democratization include:

  • Better communication and problem-solving throughout the organization. True data-driven decision making is only possible through data democratization.
  • Faster access to accurate data. When data is organized and made accessible, people can get the information they need faster and get back to their core objectives.
  • Greater time and cost savings. Data democratization saves time and money in a multitude of ways: from reducing time to market to streamlining or automating repetitive manual tasks.

Discover more about data democratization in our blog, ‘What’s your data democratization strategy? How to successfully democratize data.’ 

#5 Tradeweb: Make data quality the star of your data governance strategy

Data quality is key to enabling data democratization. Hear how Tradeweb is quickly progressing from business glossary to technical catalog for cloud data management, including engaging business stewards globally for data quality and access control.

“To put it simply, you can’t have data quality without good data governance. Organizations need proper data governance before they should even consider a separate enterprise-scale data quality tool.”

‘Data quality and data governance: Where to begin?’

See you very soon

Data Citizens ‘22 is coming up quickly — starting November 1st.  We can’t wait to see you in San Diego. 

Now, you have a shortlist of our top 5 must-see sessions. We hope to see you at one of them, and at many other events during Data Citizens ‘22. Let’s thrive with data!

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