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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Q&A with Mischel Kwon, CEO of W@tchtower

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month we’re delighted to share a special fireside chat with Mischel Kwon. Mischel is the founder and CEO of W@tchtower and a veteran of the IT and security world. Before founding her own security operations management company, she built the first Justice Security Operations Center (JSOC) while serving as the Deputy Director for IT Security Staff at the United States Department of Justice and served as the Director of US-CERT.

Mischel sat down with us for a conversation hosted by our own Tara Mavrovitis and Women of Collibra, where she shared her background, her perspective on the future of the industry, and how we can all do our part to #becybersmart. Check out the videos below.

Meet Mischel and hear how she got started in cybersecurity.

What does it take to attract and retain talent in security? Check out best practices from Mischel’s experience building an inclusive environment at W@tchtower.

The cybersecurity industry is always evolving, but what is one thing that should change sooner rather than later? Hear Mischel’s perspective on the role of security within the business. 

There’s no question that cyber threats are increasing at a rapid pace. What will be critical to cybersecurity in the future? What should we invest in?

How do you see the cyber function evolving in the next five years? 

At Collibra, we want to ensure that all data citizens care about cybersecurity, not just security professionals. Hear Mischel’s recommendations on personal cybersecurity checkups and making security a part of your DNA.

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