Conquering state and local agencies’ data challenges with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

It’s no secret: state and local agencies are deluged with data.

To speed modernization, we’ve seen the introduction of solutions like Collibra that can help agencies overcome data challenges and data silos.

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud can build a common foundation of data so you can: 

  • Speed data discovery
  • Improve data literacy 
  • Drive greater collaboration with trustworthy data 

Download the solution brief to see how Collibra can help your state or local agency. 

Data and analytics are no longer “just” for specialists, such as data engineers and data scientists; rather, data literacy is now increasingly recognized as a core workforce competency.

– The Data Foundation

Data doesn’t have to be a bottleneck

The data landscape at state and local agencies is complex and chaotic. Often, it consists of petabytes of data residing on hundreds of disparate data sources spread across on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. 

Data challenges abound. But not just for those front-line engineers and analysts dedicated to roles involving data. 

Data citizens — everyone from chief data officers, data scientists, and data stewards to government employees at large — face ongoing data challenges as well, including:

  • Inability to find or understand data
  • Difficulty ascertaining reliability of source
  • Lack of data governance, transparency, and traceability

These challenges slow decision-making, hinder operational efficiency, and make accountability to constituents more difficult.

Drive innovation with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

State and local agencies are already relying on Collibra to accelerate data-driven decisions,  mitigate operational risks, enable mission-critical applications and operationalize government policies and laws.

The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud solution brief details how your agency can drive innovation with data across the following use cases:

  • Accelerating data democratization and self-service analytics
  • Improving transparency and data integrity at scale
  • Streamlining financial and regulatory reporting
  • Speeding digital transformation and data modernization

Get an overview of Collibra core capabilities — including rapid data discovery, comprehensive data governance, end-to-end data lineage, predictive data quality, and embedded privacy by design.

See why Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud for State and Local Agencies can help drive digital transformation at your organization.

Want to learn more about how Collibra can help?

Read our Public Sector solution brief

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Want to learn more about how Collibra can help?

Read our Public Sector solution brief

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