Collibra’s new UI: Empowering data teams with even more intuitive, effective UX


A great user experience (UX) can be a giant accelerator for data governance adoption and effectiveness — and it all starts with the user interface (UI).

In case you missed it, one of Collibra’s many innovations announced at Data Citizens ‘24: The Data Intelligence Conference was the new UI design.

Collibra recognizes that exceptional UX is all about creating a positive, efficient and satisfying experience for the user. When it comes to software solutions, effective UX is closely related to an intuitive UI, which is the visual and interactive component of the product. In fact, a well-designed UI is crucial for delivering a great UX, as it directly affects how users navigate and interact with the platform.

Driving adoption and efficiency

The new Collibra user interface is a testament to our focus on helping data leaders create a culture of trusted data — and driving even more Collibra Data Intelligence Platform adoption and efficiency. By focusing on modern aesthetics and usability from a wealth of user feedback from data professionals like you, we’ve significantly improved the way data citizens interact with the platform.

From the colors to the aesthetics, we’ve transformed the entire Collibra UI look-and-feel.

New improvements for greater adoption 

The updated user interface brings a fresh and contemporary design that not only looks great but also delivers several key benefits to empower your data community, including:

  • Improved design: We’ve used design principles, such as improved color contrast and selection, visual separation of elements on the page, and more approachable aesthetics like rounded corners and font selection. This new look-and-feel will help ensure the adoption of your data intelligence program skyrockets. Additionally, the new Collibra design has been applied across the platform — from the familiar and welcoming home page and dashboards to business glossaries, catalog pages, community and domain pages and more.  It’s a comprehensive improvement that enables all of Collibra’s functionality to benefit from a new modern look-and-feel to the application while retaining the same functionality
  • Increased personalization: With the new design, you can now customize the look-and-feel by applying your own logo and changing the colors for various components throughout the platform. This enables you to apply your organization’s identity and showcase your corporate colors across Collibra
  • Greater flexibility: With Tailored Asset Pages, now you can adjust the content and layout of asset pages to meet your users’ specific needs. Through our intuitive, drag-and-drop asset page editor, administrators can quickly and easily configure the pieces of information about an asset to display. Every asset type can have its own template, allowing you to pick and choose the attributes and relationships you want to be shown, and how you want them presented to your users

    The new Usage Analytics overview provides a comprehensive view into your data.

    Many users are already benefiting from the new user interface, and the feedback has been positive. In addition to the visual enhancements, the new UX offers improved efficiency, including:

    • More streamlined searches: Users familiar with the data marketplace can now get that same experience across the platform to easily find the information they need with new innovations in search. With relevant and targeted search results, your data citizens can quickly access the data they require, saving time and increasing productivity
    • Improved usage analytics: Gain valuable insights into which of your data citizens are engaging with Collibra through comprehensive usage analytics. By understanding adoption patterns, you can make informed decisions to further improve UX and drive greater adoption across your organization
    • Enhanced data discovery: Now, the availability of tailored asset pages give your team the power to improve your UX by presenting your data in a more intuitive, accessible manner. Your data citizens will be able to easily explore and discover the data they need, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making

    If you’re interested in learning even more about how we architected this new user experience, check out a previous post on, How we built Arbor: Collibra’s new frontend component design system and architecture.


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    Collibra’s refreshed UX/UI is a comprehensive update driven by our fundamental desire to optimize how your data citizens interact with Collibra. From the modern aesthetics to the improved functionality, our new experience will empower you and your data citizens to drive adoption, increase efficiency and maximize the value of your data.

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