Collibra wins Snowflake Data Cloud Product Data Governance Partner of the Year


We are thrilled to announce that Collibra has been named Snowflake’s Data Cloud Product Partner of the Year for data governance. This award recognizes Collibra’s commitment to helping our joint customers create a shared understanding of their data across the organization, how it can be used and shared, support legal compliance and accelerate their data-driven initiatives that drive their business performance. 

“Congratulations to Collibra for being named as Snowflake’s Data Cloud Product Partner of the Year for data governance,” said Tyler Prince, SVP of Worldwide Alliances & Channels, Snowflake. “A strong partner ecosystem is foundational to Snowflake’s mission of enabling every organization to be data-driven. Collibra is core to that mission, and together we’re helping organizations across industries better activate and unlock their data for business value.”

The value of the Collibra and Snowflake partnership

 Since 2019, the partnership between Collibra and Snowflake has brought significant value to our joint customers. By integrating Collibra’s robust data governance capabilities with Snowflake’s cutting-edge data cloud platform, organizations can gain more trust in their data, manage it more wisely, and access and use it compliantly. 

Collibra’s platform enhances data intelligence, fosters trust, simplifies data privacy, and improves data quality across the entire data landscape, within and beyond Snowflake. Snowflake’s highly performant, flexible, and scalable data cloud platform supports various workloads, including data warehousing, data lakes, AI/ML, and data-intensive applications. This powerful combination breaks down data silos and speeds up access to actionable insights, driving positive business outcomes. 

“Winning the Snowflake Data Cloud Product Data Governance Partner of the Year is truly an honor,” says Lamia Megdiche, the SVP of Partnerships at Collibra. “It highlights the impactful work we’ve accomplished alongside Snowflake, helping hundreds of customers achieve seamless data governance through our native integrations. We are excited to continue building on the remarkable momentum of our partnership, ensuring our joint customers can effectively manage their data assets while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and governance.” 

Looking to the future

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of data and AI governance. Our partnership with Snowflake is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving innovation and delivering value to our customers. Together, we will continue leading the way in data governance, ensuring that our joint customers can manage their data assets confidently and efficiently.

Attending Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit 24? Be sure to visit us at Booth 1319.  

Learn more about Collibra’s partnership with Snowflake.

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