Collibra ranks as a top contender in new SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint report

When the time comes to invest in a metadata management product, there’s one shared sentiment that spans industry, niche, and company size–buyers want the best, easiest, and more reliable solution in the market.

Collibra is this solution, ranking among the Top Contenders based on SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint report, powered by Info-Tech.

Choosing a metadata management solution 

Investing in a metadata management solution is not always easy. There are many solutions in the market and all of them have their own pros and cons. In order to make the right decision, you need to consider many factors, such as cost, scalability, ease-of-use, and overall design. 

Considering all these elements can be time consuming and overwhelming. Thankfully, there are tools out there designed to help you expedite this exact process. One of those tools? The latest Emotional Footprint Report from SoftwareReviews. 

What is the emotional footprint from SoftwareReview?

SoftwareReviews’ Category Reports are intentionally engineered to provide buyers and enterprises (like yours) with a comprehensive evaluation of the most popular products in the market. In this case, they dive head-first into the metadata management market. 

This report looks at several factors in determining this data, including the following:

  • Service experience
  • conflict resolution
  • negotiation and contract
  • strategy and innovation
  • product impact 

So, why is this report important? Because it’s based on user reviews from real end-users who experienced these solutions and companies first-hand. Every product is put up against the same standards to ensure an accurate and holistic view without any bias. 

This means you’ll see a highly detailed report that’s organized meticulously, easy to process, and straightforward, making it more possible than ever to choose the right metadata management product for your company. 

So, how does Collibra rank in the SoftwareReview report? 

The short answer? We’re proud to be ranked as a top contender. 

Collibra ranked as one of the top three metadata management solutions according to the report. 

With data taken from 20 reviews and actual end-users, the report was able to indicate that the strongest positive emotions reported were:

  • 100% performance-enhancing 
  • 100% enables productivity

As for the strongest negative emotions, none were listed. 

With a +98 score for positive impact, ranked higher than ten other metadata management products. Here are a few other key Collibra takeaways highlighted in the 2021 report: 

  • Collibra ranked 1st in the over-delivered category (as opposed to over-promised)
  • Collibra was rated as +100 in terms of respectful customer service and ranked 3rd in this category 
  • Collibra ranked 1st in the security protects category 
  • Collibra ranked 2nd in the caring vs. neglectful customer service section
  • Collibra also ranked 2nd in both the effective and time-saving categories 
  • Collibra ranked 2nd in the generosity section 
  • Collibra ranked 2nd in the customer-interest-first section
  • Collibra ranked 2nd in the continually improving category 
  • Collibra ranked 2nd in the reliable vs. unreliable category 

What sets Collibra apart? 

One of our core values at Collibra is to be our customers’ champion. We care deeply about our relationships with our customers, and strive to ensure our customers are getting the most from our product. 

As this report demonstrates, we’ve worked hard to provide not just technical tools that help enterprises like yours evolve and adapt, we’ve also crafted our product, our company, and our customer support to be holistically beneficial, generous, trusted, and reliable. 

According to the report, Collibra ranked overwhelmingly positive on the Emotional Spectrum Scale, reporting no data on the negative distribution. Further, we scored 9.2 on the customer experience scale (out of 10). 

But that’s not all. 

Our Collibra product received overwhelming feedback and reviews, contributing to +100 on the Emotional Footprint Spectrum Scale scores for categories including:

  • Respectful vs. Disrespectful CX
  • Neglectful vs Caring CX
  • Frustrating vs. Effective CX 
  • Wastes Time vs. Saves Time 
  • Unfair vs. Fair Vendor-Client Relationships 
  • Greedy vs. Generous Vendor-Client Relationships
  • Over Promised vs. Over Delivered Vendor-Client Relationships 
  • Vendor Interest First vs. Client Interest First
  • Hardball Tactic vs. Friendly Negotiation 
  • Stagnant Product vs. Continually Improving Product 
  • Leverages Incumbent Status vs. Appreciates Incumbent Status 
  • Despised Experience vs. Inspiring Experience
  • Unreliable Product vs. Reliable Product 
  • Restricts Productivity vs. Enables Productivity 
  • Performance Restricting vs. Performance Enhancing 
  • Commodity Features vs. Unique Features 
  • Security Frustrates vs. Security Protects 

The other categories? Collibra scored no lower than a +94 on any Emotional Spectrum Scale the report tested and analyzed for. 

Collibra: Your go-to product for metadata management 

At Collibra, we’re proud to provide our customers with a metadata management solution that helps organizations streamline and optimize their digital transformation journey. 

Ranking as a top choice on the SoftwareReview Emotional Footprint Report is more than just an accolade; it’s an honor–we’re proud to be recognized as a company with a meticulously engineered product that has your best interest at heart. 

We can usher in a new era of our metadata management that’s more streamlined, effective, and innovative than ever. 

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