Collibra Raises a $100M Series-E Round Led by Capital G

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Investment rounds off a year of phenomenal growth for Collibra as we help enterprise companies maximize today’s most valuable asset — data

I’m excited to announce that Collibra has raised a $100M Series-E funding round, led by CapitalG, Alphabet’s growth equity investment fund. This brings our post-money valuation to more than $1 billion.

This rounds off an incredible year for Collibra. We’re on the heels of a record revenue year, with an 80 percent increase in annualized recurring revenue and a growing product portfolio. Some truly fantastic hires have joined our team, including Jeffrey Burk as senior vice president, engineering; Sebastien Giroux as chief financial officer; Fleur Sohtz as chief marketing officer; Jim Cushman as chief product officer; and Michelle Rosen as the general counsel.

We also topped more than 300 global customers this year, and are helping the largest companies in the world, in every single industry, bolster their data-driven digital transformations. Collibra has become the de-facto choice for chief data officers tasked with implementing a strategic approach to their data and maximizing its value for their organizations.

Why is this news so important?

Data is today’s most valuable asset. But to truly maximize the value data can provide, we need to solve its biggest challenge. This is not technology, volume, performance, or scale. The cloud is already commoditizing all of that. The biggest challenge in data is around people and process — making it easier for people to consume data, find the right data, collaborate on data, and trust data. And we at Collibra are solving the people and process problem.

Why CapitalG?

We received a lot of interest and several very good offers, but we ultimately concluded that CapitalG would be the most valuable partner. Google is a global leader, known for their AI and ML expertise and developing world-class products. And beyond monetary support, an investment from CapitalG allows us to tap into the talent, passion, and strategic expertise of some of Alphabet’s best technology and product leaders. We will, of course, continue to partner very closely with all cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

We take the fact that CapitalGwhich leverages the expertise of Google in researching and vetting their dealschose to invest in us as a vote of confidence for our products and technology. We believe this, taken together with continued support and participation in this round from our existing investors ICONIQ Capital, Index Ventures, Dawn Capital, and Battery Ventures, suggests that we are well-placed to continue to lead in the space.

What’s next for Collibra?

This funding will enable us to extend the artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities both within our cloud-native platform—building more automation into our smart catalog product—as well as in our support of data science teams for their own advanced analytics initiatives.

We will also continue to invest in building out additional products on our platform. As the only company to provide a complete solution that is fully integrated on a single platform, we are able to provide much better usability than other players in the space, and that’s a real strategic advantage.

Customer success is a core value for us—it is our true north, and another area we continue to prioritize. We’re investing a lot in our customer-facing organizations so that we can continue to be prescriptive and proactive in our approach.

And it is with customer success in mind that we orient and grow the company. We believe our role and mission is to help customers solve the people and process problem and maximize the value of their data. That’s the only way data can live up to its potential. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and it’s how we’ve been able to build leadership in this space. And it’s why we’re even more excited to see what the future holds, as we plunge into our next chapter and our next phase of growth.

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