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Collibra named a leader by IDC MarketScape for Data Catalog Software

At Collibra, we are relentlessly focused on helping our customers address their data challenges, delivering the most comprehensive data intelligence platform to help them achieve their key business initiatives. We believe our approach to deliver trusted data for every use, for every user and across every source is validated by being named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Catalog Software 2022 Vendor Assessment.

We are tremendously proud of our evaluation in the IDC MarketScape. 

The IDC MarketScape identified several key areas that contributed to our placement as a Leader.

Governance process automation

“Collibra’s foundation in data governance gives users the ability to document and manage all metadata assets and to assign ownership, attributes, and other responsibilities to strictly define things such as prioritization, access, rights management, and terms and conditions. Users can create relationships between data assets and privacy/policy enforcement assets. Management of these assets and relationships can be defined and enforced through Collibra’s customizable workflow engine. Workflows automate the management of assets but also automate business processes to enable efficient collaboration among users across all data and across the organization.” 

Market presence

“Collibra has been a long-standing vendor in providing data intelligence fueled data governance capabilities to large enterprises in highly regulated industries. Collibra’s focus on customers in this segment of the market has guided design and deployment decisions that enable it to handle the scale of metadata and policy management required for organizations to gain control over data, fueling expansion beyond highly regulated industries. Collibra also has an array of industry-specific content and templates to help organizations accelerate implementation.”

Compatibility and extensibility

“The data governance-first market presence of Collibra has required it to be highly compatible with data engineering, integration, quality, and analytic technologies. Collibra also hosts a marketplace for metadata integrations and harvesters created by partners, enabling broader coverage of data sources and types.” 

Why choose Collibra

The IDC MarketScape also noted, “Consider Collibra if your organization is a large enterprise looking for a user- and governance-focused solution that can catalog data enterprise wide and provide end-to-end lineage from data producer to consumer. The solution is also designed to enable organizations to quickly start with a data catalog initiative but can grow in lockstep as their data intelligence strategy matures. Collibra has expanded its capabilities into data quality and observability, pulling native data quality capabilities into the data intelligence, catalog, and governance experience. Data engineering, integration, master data management, and business analytics solutions can be integrated with Collibra via APIs.”

The IDC MarketScape discusses the need for companies to become data-driven businesses. In order to become data driven you have to gain intelligence about your data which starts with metadata. With this metadata, organizations can better understand where their data come from, who owns the data, the quality of the data, and how it should be used. This metadata must get collected within a data catalog so that it can be activated. Leveraging core capabilities including broad connectivity, technical lineage, data quality and observability, policy enforcement, and a “shop for data” experience will enable organizations to support innovation, security, compliance and other business initiatives. Our positioning is a recognition by the IDC MarketScape of our pursuit to address today and tomorrow’s need for a comprehensive data catalog that can help organizations reach their goal of becoming a data-driven business.

Want to learn why the IDC MarketScape positioned Collibra as a Leader?

Read the excerpt here

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