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Collibra Greatest Hits: Our 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016

most readblogs

As 2016 draws to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at the topics that topped the charts in 2016. Topped the Collibra blog charts, that is. From data lineage and becoming a data governance expert to the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and healthcare data governance, our expert authors covered the hottest topics in the business.

So, take a look at the 10 blog posts that received the most reads below (and if you haven’t read them, make sure you do!). And then be sure to subscribe to our blog emails by clicking the subscribe button in the bright pink header. You’ll get a monthly recap of all this great data governance knowledge delivered right to your inbox. You’ll never miss a top story again.

Thanks for reading!

Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016

  1. Data Lineage Diagrams: a Paradigm Shift for Information Architects – interactive Data Lineage Diagrams change the paradigm by allowing you to preview, edit, add, comment, and more from within the diagram.
  2. How to Become a Data Governance Expert – explore online learning and certification courses that helps data citizens worldwide expand their data governance skills.
  3. The Difference Between Lineage and Traceability – understanding the difference between lineage and traceability can be difficult. Let us explain what’s different.
  4. 5 Signs Your Healthcare Organization Needs Data Governance – many organizations know they need to make healthcare data governance a priority. Read 5 signs that show your organization is one of them.
  5. How Data Governance Drives GDPR Compliance – the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is intrinsically linked to a company’s data governance program.
  6. Data Lineage: Not Just a Bigger Mop – many people approach data governance from the wrong angle. They view data lineage as a bigger mop. It’s not.
  7. Unleash the Data Democracy: 5 Misconceptions of Data Governance – what is data governance? There are many misconceptions on the road to data democracy. We’ll explore five of them.
  8. Crowdsourcing Data Governance – the enablement function is an often overlooked aspect of data governance. But what about crowdsourcing data governance?
  9. Data Lineage Through the Eyes of a DBA – many times, data governance discussions ocus on scanning and importing metadata. But they often fail to realize the necessity of data lineage.
  10. Data Governance Leads to Data Quality (not the other way around) – data governance and data quality have traditionally been separate disciplines. But talking about data governance as a way to achieve data quality resonates.

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