Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud for federal agencies


Technical debt has been front and center in the minds of Americans lately. Enterprises are forced to try to meet modern day demands with outdated systems.  This was evident during the initial response to Covid-19, when antiquated government IT systems were forced to deliver new services to their constituents. While the systems may have been older, the data contained in the system still held value.  

Federal agencies cannot simply rip-and-replace old systems and throw out the treasure trove of gold in their data.  In order to re-use that data, agencies must first understand and catalog their assets.  Once that happens, they are able to digitally transform their applications.

The first step for data citizens – everyone from the Chief Data Officer to government employees at large — is to find and understand their data assets. They also need to understand whether data comes from a trustworthy source, if the data is certified, approved for use, and with whom you can share that data.

For federal agencies with petabytes spread across a complex data landscape, the ability to easily find and use reliable, trusted data is paramount in today’s post-pandemic digital age.

Find out how to drive trusted data. Get your free copy of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud for Federal Agencies, our helpful solution brief.

Data, data, everywhere and not a sip to drink

The truth is your data is everywhere and it  can seem overwhelming — and all the while nobody knows the single source of truth.  Data needs to be understood contextually and in a transparent and open manner.  

The Federal Data Strategy and the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act provide a framework for agencies to overcome data silos.

But it requires implementation of a rigorous data intelligence and management strategy.

To speed modernization, we’ve seen the introduction of solutions like Collibra that can help agencies overcome data challenges and data silos.

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud can build a common foundation of data so you can: 

  • Speed data discovery
  • Improve data literacy 
  • Drive greater collaboration with trustworthy data 

Download the solution brief to see how Collibra can help your team.

Ultimately, it should not necessarily matter who owns the data or where it is collected. I, as a user, will be able to come to Advana – or the Army, Navy or Air Force version – and know exactly what data is available, and we can ensure everyone is looking at the same universe. 

– Office of the Secretary of Defense

Drive innovation with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Federal agencies are already relying on Collibra to accelerate data-driven decisions,  mitigate operational risks, enable mission-critical applications and operationalize government policies and laws.

Your team can drive innovation with data across the following use cases:

  • Accelerating data democratization and self-service analytics
  • Improving transparency and data integrity at scale
  • Streamlining financial and regulatory reporting
  • Speeding digital transformation and data modernization

Get an overview of Collibra core capabilities — including rapid data discovery, comprehensive data governance, end-to-end data lineage, predictive data quality, and embedded privacy by design.

See why Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud for Federal Agencies can help drive your agency’s digital transformation.

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