Collibra and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership reaches new heights


At Collibra, we partner with the best technology platforms in the world, including AWS.

Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve attained two new AWS Competencies under the AWS Competency Program: the Data and Analytics Competency, and the Government Competency. 

The AWS Competency Program’s goal is to give AWS customers confidence that the AWS Partner has demonstrated technical expertise and a proven track record in specialty areas across various industries, use cases and workloads. 

The solutions are validated from several technical requirements areas, including Security, Tenant Isolation, AWS API integration, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Operational Excellence, Support and Documentation.

“Collibra takes immense pride in achieving the AWS Data and Analytics Competency and the AWS Government Competency. The AWS Competency Program’s rigorous standards demonstrate Collibra’s commitment to delivering exceptional data governance and intelligence solutions that enable AWS customers to use data with confidence and gain access to insights that drive transformative outcomes.”

– Nishant Agarwal, Technical Partnerships Director, Collibra

Data and Analytics Competency: Helping AWS customers get more out of their data

To earn the AWS Data and Analytics Competency, an AWS Partner must demonstrate they enable AWS customers to “make use of their data at any scale.”  Under Data and Analytics Competency, AWS Partner solutions that fall under the category of Data Governance & Security, help customers discover, categorize and control their data.

However, only 27% of organizations report that they have an established data-driven culture. And many continue to struggle with making this a reality, especially in highly fragmented data landscapes. 

At Collibra, our platform helps cultivate a data-driven mindset through metadata activation and faster access to insights that drive business value with:

  • An enterprise data catalog that makes it easy to find the data they need from any source as well as prioritize datasets for migration to the cloud
  • Visibility into end-to-end lineage to better understand where data comes from, how it has been used, and transformations it has undergone
  • Automated data quality monitoring that leverages machine learning to identify and flag anomalies for remediation in the pipeline–before it informs decisions
  • Built-in policy management tools and automated policy enforcement to gain faster access to governed data and safeguard sensitive data

Government Competency: Enabling government agencies to modernize their data strategy 

Attaining the AWS Government Competency required us to demonstrate that we “provide solutions–and/or deep experience working with–government customers to deliver mission-critical workloads and applications on AWS.” 

According to research by CapGemini Research Group, governments believe that they could realize a 9.5% improvement in utilization of funds and resources with an effective data ecosystem, but only 27% are rolling out or have fully deployed a data ecosystem. This validates our belief that the key to bringing the vision of a data ecosystem to life is no different from that already described for the Data and Analytics Competency — delivering users fast, reliable and governed access to quality data and analytics — across all data sources. 

The added value of the Government Competency provides confidence to government customers that we have already delivered this mission-critical solution to similar organizations on AWS, helping them boost fiscal responsibility and deliver exceptional services to citizens.

Collibra and AWS are committed to delivering ongoing value to our joint customers 

Already an AWS Financial Services Competency Partner and AWS Redshift Ready Partner, these new designations demonstrate Collibra’s commitment to invest and grow our partnership with AWS and provide our joint customers with solutions that meet and exceed their data intelligence needs. 

If you would like to learn more about how Collibra and AWS are better together, please visit our partner page to stay informed on the latest ways we are helping our customers–in both the public and private sectors–to do more with their data.


Thank you to Venkatesh Aravamudan, Partner Solutions Architect – Data & Analytics at AWS, for your contribution to this blog. 

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