5 Reasons to Get Your Data Governance Certification

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Data. It’s at the heart of modern business, and has hit the agenda of executive meetings at companies of all sizes, in all industries. And as many organizations are finding, having a strong team in place to run the “office of data” is key to getting the most out of this valuable asset. Many organizations are appointing a Chief Data Officer, and Gartner predicts that by 2019, 90% of large organizations will have a CDO. But to be truly successful, CDOs globally require a team of credible experts to help them establish their data strategy, empower data citizenship, and inspire data trust throughout the organization. That’s where data governance certification comes in.

Collibra provides data governance certification for all data citizens. We put efficiency and technology expertise at the heart of the Collibra certification, and we offer a range of courses aligned to a number of different roles and responsibilities. And having data governance certification not only provides value to your current company, but also gives you a competitive edge when seeking new opportunities. Not convinced? Here’s five reasons why you start your data governance certification today.

  1. Transform your Career

You know precisely how your work with Collibra contributes to your organization. And the importance of data governance and stewardship will continue to gain momentum. Whether you excel in writing good definitions, identifying critical data problems, or providing solutions, earning a Collibra certification is a great learning experience. And of course it demonstrates your commitment to the governance of your company’s key asset: data.

As a data citizen, you may already be accountable for important tasks such as:

  • Managing a glossary of business definitions
  • Certifying and cataloging reports
  • Identifying critical data elements
  • Review and document data quality policies and rules
  • Review applicable regulations for compliance
  • Managing a stewardship team

However, many times, these tasks are not formalized as part of your job description, leaving your hard work unnoticed and promotions unmet. Data governance certification from Collibra is a simple way to show you are serious about advancing your career.

  1. Show Your Credentials

Numerous analyst and VP level job postings require Collibra skills. If you are applying for one of these jobs, the fact that you are Collibra certified provides distinguishing credentials. And partners who are Collibra certified are preferred implementation partners.

By publishing your certification and its unique serial number on your LinkedIn profile and including it in your resume, hiring managers and recruiters will move your resume to the top of the stack. With your Collibra certification, you can leverage your knowledge and transform yourself into the go-to expert for all data governance and stewardship matters. To support your path to certification, Collibra University provides a broad range of course content and exams on any device at your own pace. By becoming a Collibra certified expert, you make yourself stand out to the CDO and become a credible participant to the team.

  1. Reduce Risk and Add Value

Your colleagues come to you with complaints about inaccurate reports, inconsistent use of definitions, and questions about ownership. Eventually it becomes obvious the data problem is a business risk. But too many times, nothing happens until these issues are translated into compelling and defensible use cases.

As a Collibra certified expert, you’ll have the expertise to resolve the issues to lead of your own data governance project. During the certification process, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define the different use cases clearly
  • Articulate design, decision making, and communication processes for approving and publishing use cases
  • Evaluate and apply different data governance principles and maturity models
  • Master the Collibra data governance platform to run all the above like a data clockwork that everybody would trust
  1. Drive Adoption

Whether you are new to the workforce or have 20+ years of experience in data management, you will sometimes feel alone in the vast, unexplored data governance domain. But regardless of where you are in your career, there are two important facts about data governance you need to know:

  1. You don’t do it alone
  2. There is no unique way to do it

As a Collibra certified expert, you’ll have the required credibility to become an evangelist and share your success stories both inside your organization and within the Collibra community. In your organization, you can drive adoption by enabling your stewards and training the trainers who will spread the word across the entire organization. (Hint: Collibra University offers step-by-step guides on how to drive adoption). You’ll also be able to help advance the practice by sharing your approaches to successful data governance and comparing them with others in our community.

  1. Leverage the Latest Innovations

All Collibra certified experts are required to complete an online exam on Collibra University with each major product release. This requirement helps to ensure you are always up-to-date on the latest features and best practices. Collibra University also provides educational resources on how the latest developments can be leveraged in your organization. In addition to demonstrating how you can use Collibra Data Governance Center, we also provide the context as to why you should use certain resources for different scenarios. We also offer successful customer stories presented by Collibra Certified Rangers.

Collibra University also is actively involved in various research areas. We collaborate with MIT Sloan and the CDO Awards, and study the role of the Chief Data Officer. We investigate how we can quantify the value of data. Moreover, we also explore various AI and machine learning applications, and explore new interface designs such as VR.  Undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students, as well as professionals, can participate in internships on exciting research projects, and get certified with personal mentorship all the way.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your data governance certification now.

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