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4 Reasons You Should Attend Data Citizens ‘18

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User conferences are commonplace in the tech industry and a great place to learn about emerging technologies and techniques. But with such events occurring on what seems like a daily basis, it can be difficult to decide which conference is actually worth your time (and your employer’s money). To make the decision process easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the highlights and features to be expected at this year’s Data Citizens Conference.

So, whether you’re trying to decide for yourself, or convince your boss, here are four reasons why you should attend Data Citizens 2018:

1. Inspiring keynote from data expert and “Moneyball” key figure and strategist.

This year’s keynote is headlined by Paul DePodesta, Cleveland Browns Chief Strategy Officer, Entrepreneur, and the subject of “Moneyball.” Paul has made a career of evaluating, measuring, and assigning value to talent, as documented in Michael Lewis’s book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. The Moneyball methodology has become a mainstay strategy for business leaders looking for new approaches for overhauling stagnant systems.

We’re expecting this session to feature Paul’s expert perspective on the power of data while offering unique ways of of thinking about its scope and implementation possibilities.

2. Leading industry experts sharing cutting-edge data governance practices.

It’s like learning how to play basketball from Michael Jordan. DC ‘18 promises a lineup of speakers that will give you an intensive, two-day advanced education you can bring back to your team and apply to your day-to-day. Sessions will be run by both the experts of Collibra and external data pros from companies like Adobe, Dell, Inc., and TD Ameritrade to provide a holistic view of innovative best practices and strategies.

3. Business and technical tracks tailored for each role.

Not technical? No problem. We are well aware that data governance isn’t just a technical job, so you can choose between business and technical sessions tailored to the obstacles and innovation that pertain to your job role, and instructed by leaders with similar backgrounds as well.

4. Networking with peers, partners, data experts, and thought leaders.

One of the most important (and fun) parts of attending a user conference is taking advantage of the networking opportunities. It’s not often that so many data governance aficionados are all in the same building, ready and willing to share their ideas and experiences. And, if you’ve been to a Data Citizens Conference before, you can probably attest to the exceptional culinary standard we hold (ahem, Belgian chocolates), and the cocktail networking events that accompany it.

Piqued your interest? Learn more about what Data Citizens ‘18 has in store and get your tickets to the event. I look forward to seeing you there!

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