2022 Collibra Distinguished Program of the Year: Cox Automotive

Part of the Collibra Data Citizens ‘22 Customer Excellence Program, the Distinguished Program of the Year award celebrates the best of the best when it comes to data transformation programs. This organization has the vision and ambition to drive real business value, all powered by the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.


Today, we’re very proud to share that Cox Automotive has been named the winner of the 2022 Collibra Distinguished Program of the Year.

Based in Atlanta, Cox Automotive is the world’s largest automotive services and technology provider. Fueled by the largest breadth of first-party data fed by 2.3 billion online interactions a year, Cox Automotive tailors leading solutions for car shoppers, automakers, dealers, retailers, lenders and fleet owners.

The company has 25,000+ employees on five continents and a family of trusted brands that includes Autotrader®, Dealertrack®, Kelley Blue Book®, Manheim®, NextGear Capital™ and vAuto®. 

Unified by data

At Cox Automotive, data is core to our business. It is an advantage and is the foundation for driving innovation – new products, services, and insights for our clients.

We had a few data challenges to address. First, documenting and organizing the data we create and collect from every aspect of the automotive marketplace across all our brands. Second, educating our users about all this data. And third, making it easy to share this data safely to power innovations.

We looked to Collibra to provide a data intelligence platform that helps us address these challenges, with the goal of unifying data across our ecosystem in what we call our Data Marketplace.

Delivering a single pane of glass on data

Our Data Marketplace is our one-stop shop for all things data at Cox Automotive. We allow our users to discover, share, operate, and access data in a centralized fashion. Collibra is a key component to making our Data Marketplace a reality. It provides the single pane of glass that our users interact with for these experiences and supports our goal of self-service, allowing our users to manage their experience whenever possible. Under this single pane of glass is a foundational data platform built using AWS, Snowflake, and Confluent.

Integrating these technological components in a seamless Data Marketplace experience is critical to our success. Users see data dictionary information for data residing in Snowflake in their Collibra data set searches. Approved data access requests submitted in Collibra are automatically provisioned in Snowflake. Data owners can share technical details in Collibra to provision new shared data sets. And so much more.

These connections have enabled over 5,000 users across the organization to find the data they need faster. They have easy and safe access to over 350 data sets that have 2,500 tables and 300,000 columns. Our Snowflake users have executed over 100 million queries in the last 12 months as they develop new reports, data science models, and products.

Driving a competitive advantage with data

Our Data Marketplace is helping accelerate the pace of innovation by supporting Cox Automotive’s DRiVEQ, a world-class intelligence engine that enables more connected data than anywhere else and integrates our solutions more seamlessly than ever before. DRiVEQ is built on the following:

  1. Unmatched data: With an unparalleled breadth and depth of data, we have a real-time view of the consumer, the vehicle, and the market.
  2. Dynamic intelligence: Our AI engine activates this data into highly valuable automotive data assets and insights.
  3. Relentless innovation: Our intelligent, proprietary data products deliver AI-driven insights and predictions that dynamically update and power our Cox Automotive solutions.

DRiVEQ supports the creation of new products and services to provide a greater understanding of the overall automotive marketplace. This allows our clients to make better business decisions using data.

Accelerating the future: Cox Automotive + Collibra

We’re moving forward with a trusted marketplace that drives collaboration and unleashes productivity and innovation by making data easily discoverable and readily available. Our Cox Automotive Data Marketplace, with partnerships with key vendors like Collibra, is the foundation for our teams to innovate and build products we’ve never dreamed of.

Want to hear more from Cox Automotive?

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