2017 Year in Review: Greatest Hits of the Collibra Blog


It’s that time of year again. When people young and old are making a list and checking it twice. And we’re making a list too. A list of the most popular Collibra blog posts from 2017, that is. So what topics topped the charts in 2017? It comes as no surprise that the GDPR was the most popular topic of the year. But other subjects such as data profiling, data catalogs, and data governance best practices also made the cutSo without the further ado, let’s look at which posts received the most reads in 2017. And if you haven’t read them yourself, be sure to do so so you can start the new year off right.

2017 Year in Review: Top 10 Most-Read Collibra Blog Posts

1. 12 Steps to GDPR Compliance (and How a Data Governance Platform Can Help): with the GDPR becoming enforceable in a few months, the time to comply is now. See how a data governance platform can help.
2. 4 Data Governance Best Practices to Kickstart Your Data Governance Program: follow our simple steps to start your data governance program off on the right foot.
3. Leveraging Apache® Spark™ for Data Profiling and AI/ML for Data Lineage to Revolutionize Data Governance: the paradigm for data governance is shifting from reactive to proactive.
4. 8 GDPR Questions, Answered: find answers to eight of the most common questions about the upcoming GDPR regulation.
5. The Role of Data Governance and Accountability in GDPR Compliance: I’m seeing a trend – data governance is a key piece in complying with the GDPR.
6. Top 3 Most Valuable Data Governance Use Cases: in our experience, these uses cases are a great way to show the value of data governance to the business.
7. How to Adopt the GDPR Risk Based Approach: understand how to evaluate the potential risks and use mitigation techniques to control and minimize potential impacts.
8. 6 Typical GDPR & Data Governance Questions, Explained: you have more questions. We have more answers.

9. 5 Things Your Data Catalog Needs (but Doesn’t Have): know what questions to ask when evaluating a data catalog.

10. So You Think You Know What Data Governance Is?: data governance has a zillion different definitions. Do you know which one is right?
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