Trusted business reporting

Enable trusted reporting across your enterprise

Organizations often lack trust in executive reporting due to inconsistencies in business terms and metrics, hampering productivity and accurate decision making. With Collibra, organizations can centralize, govern and certify key reports and metrics, driving smarter business decisions.

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Trusted business reporting benefits

Benefits of trusted business reporting

Enable smarter decision making

Reduce ‘data brawls’ to determine the best report or data set to support data-driven decisions. Increase the time spent on analysis versus trying to understand the underlying data in a report.

Improve business agility

Build a shared understanding of terminology across the business. Leverage trusted data to drive the use, re-use and sharing of key reports.

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Increase business productivity

Access data that you trust, understand, and can use right away. Manage how metrics and reports are defined, governed and certified.

Reduce duplicative reporting and costs

Decrease BI report development costs and the number of BI licenses by rationalizing report redundancies and consolidating reporting requests.

Solution capabilities

Collaborative governance workflows

Establish workflows to manage how metrics and reports are verified, governed and certified.

Automate processes

Business Glossary

Use approved definitions of business terms and metrics to facilitate the understanding of reports.

Build a business glossary

Data ownership and stewardship

Establish accountability for data and identify and govern critical data elements that are essential to key reports.

Define responsibilities

Native integrations

Connect to commonly-used data sources and BI tools to catalog and certify reports of your choice.

Connect your data sources

Senior Manager,
Data Governance, Adobe

“Each of the business departments had a different number, a different definition, a different meaning, and a different interpretation of why the number was what it was. Collibra helped us establish definitions, ownerships, stewardship — both technical and functional — and then connect all of these into a shareable repository.”

Simmi Bhargava

Group Data & Analytics Officer,

“We designed a certification path to progressively take our data up, building trust with the business. The objective was not to take all data to the golden stage, but still, depending on the use case, we wanted to build the right level of trust into our data.”

Laetitia Chassefiere

Head of Group Data & Analytics,
Blackmores Group

“With Collibra's native Power BI integration, our data professionals will be able to link business terms to datasets and understand the context and the data flow for the many reports that we'll build off those data sets. This integration is going to make a world of difference to us in enabling efficiency and providing trusted access to data for business users and executives across the organization.”

Matt Minor

People Analytics and Technology
Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin

“Tableau’s availability within Collibra has been key to engaging with business users. They can immediately share their reports and show where the data in those reports has come from, even down to specific calculations.”

Adam D. Mohr
Lockheed Martin

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