The Secret to Sustainable Regulatory Compliance

Data Governance Eases the Pain of BCBS 239, CCAR, and DFAST

The Great Recession caused a hangover for financial services institutions in the form of regulations such as BCBS 239, CCAR, DFAST, and others. Non-compliance isn’t an option. But, there is a secret to making the pain of regulatory compliance easier to bear: data governance.

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  • Why data governance is the secret to sustainable regulatory compliance
  • How to create a blueprint that helps you operationalize data governance
  • Why adopting the right technology is key to governance and stewardship success

You’ll discover why data governance is a safe bet in the volatile world of regulatory compliance.

Learn why the right technology is the key to sustainable compliance:

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“To ease the pain and control the cost of regulatory compliance, you must adopt sustainable, scalable data governance that aligns with compliance goals.”
– Simon Hankinson, Market Manager – Financial Services, Collibra