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Collibra Data Citizens - Data Governance Persona Wall

Voice of the Customer: Product Manager for a Day, Collibrian Dollars, and Data Governance Personas

The Collibra Product Team at Data Citizens ‘17 Collibra Catalog, Adoption Reporting, and Collaboration & Stewardship were our three main themes for this year’s Product Manager for a Day workshop at Data Citizens ‘17. Our focus on intense collaboration with attendees meant we returned from Data Citizens ‘17 with splendid, customer-validated product ideas, from Catalog-dedicated…

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Clustered Solutions

A Lesson in Listening: Be a Product Manager for a Day

“Listen to the voice of your customer” was the product team’s motto for the Collibra Data Citizens conference. After all, it was our customers’ – the data citizens – conference. We put what we’ve learned so far about ‘listening’ – and a few new ideas – into practice. We talked less, and focused on answering questions. And, we hosted a hands-on workshop which was all about encouraging our customers to raise their voice.

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