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Collibra Data Citizens - Data Governance Persona Wall

Voice of the Customer: Product Manager for a Day, Collibrian Dollars, and Data Governance Personas

The Collibra Product Team at Data Citizens ‘17 Collibra Catalog, Adoption Reporting, and Collaboration & Stewardship were our three main themes for this year’s Product Manager for a Day workshop at Data Citizens ‘17. Our focus on intense collaboration with attendees meant we returned from Data Citizens ‘17 with splendid, customer-validated product ideas, from Catalog-dedicated…

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The 'accessibility awareness cards' we used for this event.

Accessibility Awareness Day at Collibra: Hands-on Training & Testing

At Collibra, accessibility matters. Starting with the release of Data Governance Center 5.0, we have an official accessibility roadmap to make sure that people with disabilities can easily navigate to, interact with, and contribute to data governance information. We introduced this roadmap because of our customer’s increased need for compliance with Section 508 and WCAG…

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Data Governance Personas

Data Governance Personas: Your User’s Voice in the Product Process

Knowing your Data Governance Center users, their goals, and needs makes for a better product. It clarifies to everyone in the product team who we are creating a certain feature for, why that is important, and what to pay attention to. At Collibra, we capture and share this essential information about user goals, needs, and…

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Metadata Crowdsourcing

Trust Me, I’m Governed: Why a Data Catalog Needs Data Governance

The Data Catalog Landscape Nowadays the market is flooded with data catalog solutions. They all aim at solving the problem that data consumers, and more specifically the expensive business analysts and data scientists, have: they spend more time trying to find the right data than they do actually using that data. Most of these data catalogs have…

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