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Healthcare Data Needs Governance

Healthcare data needs governance. Here’s how to get started.

The volume of healthcare data is growing rapidly—indeed, at 48% annual growth, it’s outpacing the 40% growth rate we see across most industries. Data has the potential to help healthcare organizations improve quality of care, evaluate performance, lower costs, and drive patient satisfaction and safety. But for healthcare, this big explosion of data has become…

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Healthcare Data Governance

5 Signs Your Healthcare Organization Needs Data Governance

Like going to the gym or skipping ice cream, most of us involved directly or indirectly with data in healthcare are at least aware that we “should” do something about data governance. But the warning signs that you need to make data governance a priority may not be as clear as the result of too much ice cream. Unless you know where to look. So in homage to those irresistible summer beach-read magazine lists, I present “5 Signs Your Healthcare Organization Needs Data Governance.”

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