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Why a Data Scientist is the New Developer

Why the Data Scientist is the New Developer

Technology is advancing faster than we ever could have imagined. Artificial intelligence (AI), which was once the topic of science fiction movies, is now becoming mainstream. Our thermostats know when to turn the heat up or down, depending on our behavior and the weather outside. Our cars can drive themselves. And countries around the world…

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Data Scientists: Let's Put a Spear in the Hunter-Gatherer Society

Data Scientists: Let’s Stick a Spear in the Hunter-Gatherer Society

I have been a proud, card-carrying member of the Hunter-Gatherer Society for over three decades. By the Hunter-Gatherer Society, I mean all the processes that data analysts and data scientists spend the majority of their time on: gathering up and preparing data to use for the analytic models and reporting they are responsible for delivering…

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