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AWS re:Invent Recap: Privacy, Governance, and Data Catalogs

After the action-packed week that was AWS re:Invent, it’s time to reflect on the lessons we learned and explore how we can take action.  Rather than focus on the flurry of news (you can always go to their website to see all of the product announcements), we thought it was best to summarize the conversations that…

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Privacy Matters: Data Privacy in the Wake of the Facebook Breach

Data privacy is the beast that everyone is trying to wrestle right now. One of the most talked about and controversial incidents involving the misuse of user data recently comes from Facebook. As of the social network’s fourth quarter of 2017, 2.2 billion monthly active users were reported, of which as many as 87 million had…

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6 Typical GDRP & Data Governance Questions, Explained

6 Typical GDPR & Data Governance Questions, Explained

As you can imagine, GDPR is a hot topic with nearly every customer and prospect I talk to these days. And with the deadline to compliance less than a year away, it is no surprise that GDPR is being prioritized. In these discussions, there a number of recurring questions on how to approach the regulation…

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Adopting a Risk Based Approach to Comply with GDPR

How to Adopt the GDPR Risk Based Approach

Much has been discussed about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since its release in April 2016. Since the impact of the regulation is far fetching and is not restricted to any particular sector, it will affect any organization treating Personally Identifiable Information in one way or another, regardless of the sector in which…

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