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Data Profiling Blog

Leveraging Apache® Spark™ for Data Profiling and AI/ML for Data Lineage to Revolutionize Data Governance

Recently I talked to a Data Governance Program Manager of a large enterprise customer about how difficult it was for him get a corporate-wide view on data quality. I learned that large companies can have many different rules engines to check quality and curate data. Each of these tools are good at what they need to…

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Collibra Data Lineage Diagrams

Data Lineage Diagrams: A Paradigm Shift for Information Architects

Interactive data lineage diagrams allow you to preview, edit, add, comment, and more from within the diagram. And, carefully aligned metadata and data lineage focused capabilities enable information architects to rethink the paradigm so they can govern, design, document, quality stamp, keep up-to-date, certify, and distribute your data in no time and in a way that it is easy to maintain.

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