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3 Reasons Why I Love Data Governance (and You Should, Too)

I love data. It’s the secret to uncovering insights you never imagined possible. It’s the fuel that feeds the AI revolution. And it sets disrupters apart from traditional businesses. Yet what I love even more than data is data governance because it propagates a love for data in corporate culture. Data governance makes the sky…

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Talking Turkey: The Governance of the Gobble

Talking Turkey: The Governance of the Gobble

Gobble till you wobble. It’s a common phrase this time of year as friends and families gather together for a Thanksgiving feast. From sweet potatoes and stuffing, to Brussels sprouts and green bean casserole, to pumpkin pie and pecan pie, the list of favorite dishes is long. And at the centerpiece of the meal is…

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Winning with Data

Winning with Data (and How Data Governance Can Help)

In the book Winning with Data: Transform Your Culture, Empower Your People, and Shape Your Future, authors Tomasz Tunguz and Fran Bien explore the culture changes data brings to the business. As someone who talks about data governance every day, I found this book very relevant to the discussions I have with customers and prospects every day.

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BSBS239 and you Data Governance Program

Why BCBS 239 and Your Data Governance Program Go Hand-in-Hand

Mention BCBS 239, and it’s sure to bring on a headache for many financial services institutions. But what if the principles set forth in BCBS 239 were actually your friend? And what if embracing these principles as the foundation for your data governance program eased the pain of your regulatory reporting headache once and for all? Non-CCAR banks, and even companies in other financial services sectors such as insurance and asset management, can benefit by adopting the BCBS 239 principles as regulator expectations data governance trickle down and now even trickle across industries.

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