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The Rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)

In my previous post “Unleash the Data Democracy”, I discussed that data citizens have had enough of the non-transparency or non-involvement in the very data (reports) they use to do their job. Their frustration has ground-swelled the need for the appointment of a Chief Data Officer (CDO). The CDO is ranked at the executive level and is organizationally sanctioned to establish a data strategy and empower data citizens through a data collaboration platform to change the way business is done. Data citizens, let the real Chief Data Officer (CDO) stand up!

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Unleash the Data Democracy

Unleash the Data Democracy: 5 Misconceptions of Data Governance

What is data governance? I’m sure we can all agree it is at least concerned with finding common definitions and at most with enterprise governance. Yet a quick search reveals that a wide range of definitions for data governance coexist. And what I’ve found is that many people misinterpret data governance.

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