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Collibra Data Citizens - Data Governance Persona Wall

Voice of the Customer: Product Manager for a Day, Collibrian Dollars, and Data Governance Personas

The Collibra Product Team at Data Citizens ‘17 Collibra Catalog, Adoption Reporting, and Collaboration & Stewardship were our three main themes for this year’s Product Manager for a Day workshop at Data Citizens ‘17. Our focus on intense collaboration with attendees meant we returned from Data Citizens ‘17 with splendid, customer-validated product ideas, from Catalog-dedicated…

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Putting the Data Citizen Front and Center

Putting the Data Citizen Front and Center

I just spent a few days attending Gartner’s Data and Analytics Summits. Ping-ponging from London to Texas was a little rough, but well worth the effort. Gartner devoted a full track to data governance—an indication of just how the data landscape has changed in just a few short years: a lot more data, a lot…

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Data Predictions for 2017

7 Data Predictions for 2017

Over the past week, we’ve looked back at the most-read blogs and hot topics of 2016. But as the year draws to a close, we looked into our crystal ball to see what’s ahead for the world of data in 2017. We uncovered a number of data predictions for 2017 – seven to be exact….

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CDO’s Data Trust Value Chain Part 1

CDO’s Data Trust Value Chain: Part 1

A positive feedback loop for building a data culture As my fifth anniversary as a Collibrian approaches, what I believe best characterizes our activities as an organization is the fact that we have been at the forefront of the data revolution. A revolution that promises to make data available for informed decision making and protect…

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