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Why Whack a Mole Data Governance Doesn't Work

Why “Whack a Mole” Data Governance Doesn’t Work

I recently spent a few days in San Diego at the annual DGIQ event. It’s always a great event to attend because everyone there really gets data governance and why it’s important. During the event, I had the great pleasure of co-presenting with Brian Keil, Managing Director of Global Data Management, Charles Schwab. Brian has a great story to tell.

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Data Citizens Bill of Rights

Data Citizens Bill of Rights

As data citizen, you have rights within your organization. It’s your data. Rethink the boundaries of what it can do. Embrace the knowledge and skills to create and share data that’s more reliable, transparent, and productive. Free your data. Break down data silos and create new levels of collaboration. It’s your data. And these are your rights.

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Data Sharing Agreement

Driving Accountability with a Data Sharing Agreement

Imagine if Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provided full-blown access to their data pipeline. How would you feel if a stranger saw your social media footprint, including your private photos? Maybe you would argue you’re not a social media person… but what if it was your banking transaction, medical history, or criminal record that was shared? How can we stop this from happening? Only thing I could think of is a formalized process around data sharing. Let’s call it a “data sharing agreement” to help data consumers and owners responsibly manage data.

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Data Governance Infographic Thumbnail

The Journey to Data Governance [Infographic]

The world of data is accelerating rapidly. In fact, I’ve seen statistics that state 90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years. It’s incredible. And what organizations of all sizes in all industries are quickly realizing is that they need a process to manage the data deluge. They need data governance. And I mean data governance across an entire organization’s data, not just within a particular data silo.

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